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Are you an aspiring author, do you hope to write your memoir one day? Do you have a story bursting to be told? Or do you just simply love to curl up with a good book, a beloved volume of poetry, or a thrilling page turner? What do writers think? What do writers really do? Find out – listen to THE LAST WORD: Conversations with Writers every Thursday at 5:30 pm with host, Carly Newfeld.

Carly is the 2022 recipient of the “Book In Hand Award" from the New Mexico Book Association for her work on The Last Word.

  • Author, journalist and co-founder of The Santa Fe International Literary Festival,Carmella Padilla, explores the intersection of art, culture and history here in NewMexico. Her skills, lifelong knowledge and passion place her in the perfect position to support and nourish many loved and respected local arts organizations and special events. Right now Carmella is working with Santa Fe Reads on their final Big Read event at Santa Fe Convention Center celebrating author Madeline Miller and her book Circe which takes place at 5:00 on Thursday, May 16th and is free and open to the public. The following evening is the opening of this year’s International Literary Festival. During our interview we discuss how the seeds of the Festival were planted and why Santa Fe is such a rich choice and fertile ground for those seeds to thrive and flower. Complete info on the Festival at www.sfinternationallitfest.org and a reminder that students, teachers and librarians can request a free ticket to a presentation of their choice.
  • Finally here with their long-awaited new book, Slow Travel New Mexico: Unforgettable Personal Experiences in The Land of Enchantment, our beloved local travel journalists, Judith Fein and Paul Ross. A guide book like no other from world travelers like no other. What is Slow Travel and how can you carve your own adventurous path in your neighborhood? Begin with an old-fashioned map, stick in a pin and let your imagination and curiosity lead the way, says Judie. Spot something intriguing along the side of the road as you drive? Stop and take a closer look, says Paul. A big, black, hairy creature grazing among cows turned out to be a Yak, native to Nepal ! Slow down, way down, talk to local folks and listen to what they have to say. Want to really dance with wolves? They’re closer by than you think. Be prepared to discard your day’s agenda and discover beauty, deliciousness and new friends. Slow Travel New Mexico, filled with hundreds of Paul’s full color photographs and tales tall and true.unmpress.com and globaladventure.us
  • Travel back in time to some of the most unspoiled, beautiful places on earth with Santa Fe’s own Hampton Sides who transports us across The Wide Wide Sea, the title of his enthralling new book about Captain James Cook’s final voyage. With piercing insight and extraordinary detail we are immersed in the “moral complexity” of this age of enlightenment and adventure and the consequences millions live with today. Meet Hampton at Collected Works in Santa Fe on Tuesday, April 9th at 6:00 pm, in Albuquerque at the main library April 10th at 7:00 and in Taos on Saturday, April 13 at OpCit Books at 2:00.hamptonsides.com
  • Honored today to be joined by Buddhist Dharma teacher, Cynthia Jurs, celebrating the publication of her book Summoned By The Earth: Becoming A Holy Vessel for Healing Our World. As a young woman, Cynthia undertook a pilgrimage to Nepal to meet a revered, aged Rinpoche who she hoped would answer her heartfelt question, “What can I do to bring healing and protection to the earth?” He told her that his monks would make her small clay pots called Earth Treasure Vases infused with prayers and to bury them in land with the greatest need for healing. With the help and friendship of indigenous and tribal peoples all over the globe Cynthia has taken Earth Treasure Vases to more than 20 countries in the past 30 years. Her story is extraordinary. You can meet her at Collected Works on March 22nd at 6:00 pm and discover the depth and breadth of her global healing quest at gaiamandala.net and at summonedbytheearth.org
  • I’m aware that many Last Word listeners are writers, so today’s interview with award-winning Northern New Mexico’s poet, Renee Gregorio, may offer us all a fascinating boost for our writing life. Renee joins me with her new book, The Writer Who Inhabits Your Body: Somatic Practice to Enhance Creativity and Inspiration. Drawn from her lifetime practice of the martial art Aikido and her work as a master somatic coach, Renee suggests creating our own internal writing “dojo” through a simple centering practice. How do we open our whole body to the magnificence of language? How do we walk through the doorway of fear? How can our writing sparkle and roar? And is a roar really a whisper that quietly lets the reader feel that blessed and elusive moment of inspiration that never leaves us? Meet Renee at The Ark Bookstore on Sunday, March 24th at 3:00. www.reneegregorio.com
  • A delight to welcome Dr. Erica Elliott to the KSFR studios with her new book, From Mountains to Medicine. Erica’s life of adventure and misadventure around the world in search of her true calling has taken her from fragile depths to extraordinary heights. She has a mountain named after her in the Andes and here in Santa Fe she is affectionately known as the “health detective” sought out by patients with challenging symptoms. You’ll likely bite your nails in suspense and shed tears following Erica’s journey. Upcoming readings in Santa Fe include Garcia Street Books on Sunday, March 17 at 4:30 and The Ark Bookstore on Saturday, April 6th at 6:00. Enjoy her blogs at www.musingsmemoirandmedicine.com
  • Today, a glimpse into the craft of writing you’ve likely wondered about but never explored. Meet Joshua Lisec, a ghostwriter who has penned more than 80 books in the name of some well-known and lesser-known authors and celebrities. My interest was piqued by an article written by Lisec called Release The Ghosts, suggesting that the publishing industry’s hard-working, secret authors be given much more public credit. But it’s not as simple as that and revealing the “ghost” needs to be considered on a case-by-case basis, sometimes for legal liability reasons. However, Joshua did reveal the ghostwriting he’d done for a respected cardiologist in Florida and the intensive medical research that it took for him to understand and accurately present the subject matter. A fascinating and many-layered interview on the path towards presenting “emotional truth.” Joshua’s own book, So Good They Call You A Fake is out now. Learn more at lisecghostwriting.com
  • A fun and very different aspect of the world of writing today with local composer and lyricist Carol Calvert who has written a delightful musical operetta called The Way of Angels which will premier next weekend. What comes first I ask, the lyrics or the music? Carol’s answer surprises me. We explore the way the creative muse, and perhaps angels themselves, guided Carol to find collaborators including Santa Fe’s Criss Jay, members of the Zia Singers and accompanist Holly Mead. As an ordained minister, Carol’s fascinating conversation also strayed away from the actual writing to discuss the role of angelic help in other ways in our troubled world. A different take on The Last Word. The Way of Angels will take place at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 107 Barcelona St., Santa Fe on Saturday, February 24th at 7:00 and Sunday 25th at 2:00. By donation.
  • Marsie Silvestro is an internationally respected speaker, feminist composer, author, visual artist and non-profit and business consultant. Known especially in Santa Fe as the former Executive Director of Esperanza Shelter she brings to the KSFR studio her years of community service and awareness distilled in four slim volumes of sumptuous poetry. Listen as Marsie describes The Gold of Poetry and reads from her latest collection, Shifting Stillness. Her earlier body of work, Grief Walks Through Me Like A Rake, brings comfort and heart-wrenching familiarity. This week’s show is not to be missed. Contact Marsie directly at marsiemoon@earthlink.net
  • Joined today by bestselling author and Santa Fe resident Douglas Preston. Known for his collaboration with Lincoln Child on their superb crime thrillers, Doug takes on a very different kind of collaboration. Working closely with Margaret Atwood and the Authors Guild they invited 36 brilliant authors to contribute stories for a pandemic-era tale set on a shabby rooftop in New York City’s Lower East Side. The result is Fourteen Days which begins in late March 2020 as the neighborhood is ravished by Covid 19 and the only safe escape from lockdown is sitting six feet apart on the roof. Contributors include John Grisham, Dave Eggers, Diana Gabaldon, Celeste Ng, Hampton Sides and Doug Preston, who does an extraordinary job of framing the original idea and linking the characters’ stories with Margaret Atwood’s masterful editing. Unprepared for the twist at the end! All profits from Fourteen Days go to the Authors Guild. authorsguild.org