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Are you an aspiring author, do you hope to write your memoir one day? Do you have a story bursting to be told? Or do you just simply love to curl up with a good book, a beloved volume of poetry, or a thrilling page turner? What do writers think? What do writers really do? Find out – listen to THE LAST WORD: Conversations with Writers every Thursday at 5:30 pm with host, Carly Newfeld.

Carly is the 2022 recipient of the “Book In Hand Award" from the New Mexico Book Association for her work on The Last Word.

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  • A return visit by wild earth poet, Timothy McLaughlin, whose life and work have taken him into tracts of wilderness unknown to many of us. Listen as Timothy recites pieces from his observations and heightened perception deep in forests and inspires exploration of the close relationship between our human selves and the natural world. On Saturday, February 4th Timothy, his wife singer Madi Sato, and cellist Nelson Denman offer a spoken word concert, Untracked: A Journey into Wildness at Unity Santa Fe. Doors open at 5:30, details at unitysantafe.org Connect with Timothy at timothypmclaughlin.comAlso today, exciting news of an essay writing contest for New Mexico students in 6th through 12th grade. Contest details at leopoldwritingprogram.org
  • A joy to welcome Santa Fe poet, musician, and former music critic, Wayne Lee, back into the studio ahead of his workshop The Music of Poetry. Wayne’s innate sensitivity takes listeners deep into the rhythms of poetry and lyrics and the perceptive range of the human voice that through poetry bridges cultures often divided. Beginning with a poem honoring his beloved Nana, who lived to 100 and inspired then-four-year-old Wayne’s love of music, this interview is rich with emotion and rare wisdom. Connect with Wayne at wayneleepoet.com
  • Ease gently into the new year with award-winning poet Mary Gilliland reading from her new collection, The Devil’s Fools. Mary begins by honoring her brother who’s work in New Mexico brought new awareness for educators and long-needed recognition of the needs of our children. Mary’s poems are deeply rooted in her reverence for all of nature’s creatures and our environment. Her perception of the human condition, yours and mine, is illuminating. Discover all of Mary‘s works and delightful insights into her life at www.marygilliland.com
  • Today, a beautiful interview with two of Santa Fe’s performing art treasures and the co-founders of Praising Earth. Madi Sato holds the songs of many cultures including her Irish and Japanese Ainu roots. She shares her Irish heritage with her husband, wild earth poet and ceremonialist Timothy McLaughlin. Together they bring their wisdom and wonderful voices to the KSFR studio ahead of Saturday’s Winter Solstice Celebration where they will be joined by several other beloved local musicians. The concert begins at 4:00 pm in the Railyard Performance Center, December 17th. To attend please email info@praisingearth.org attendance by donation to the work of Praising Earth. www.praisingearth.org
  • A delight to be joined today by Patricia Hodapp, retired Director of Libraries for the City of Santa Fe in the studio with her fun book, “The Complete Santa Fe Bucket List: 100 Things to Do in Santa Fe Before you Die.” We noted that the contents are for tourists, locals and Santa Fe natives alike. Even if you’ve lived here for years, listen and learn ! From skiing in our glorious mountains to the brilliant stars in our wide, majestic night sky, Pat takes us there. From favorite food haunts to discovering hidden gardens and where to find apricots in an abundant year, Pat knows. In our City of Holy Faith settled millennia before by native people wise to the secrets of the seasons and spirit of beauty, we touch the pulse of Santa Fe. The Complete Santa Fe Bucket List always available at Collected Works bookstore or from the author pathodapp@yahoo.com Plus, details of the contests mentioned during the show at www.newmexicopresswomen.org
  • My guest today is award-winning Santa Fe writer Rosemary Zibart. Her career covers almost every genre from novels for adults, children and young adults to film scripts and full-length plays. Most of all Rosemary is a storyteller, an astute observer of our times, and a fascinating researcher of times and centuries and characters steeped in the past. Rosemary is currently immersed in five different projects including a one-act play “Dizzy,” a delightful and insightful take on 19th Century British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, and a true story of survival in the harsh Utah wilderness. During our interview she offers tips for budding playwrights and novelists and how she moves fluidly from one format to another. You can find Rosemary on medium.com and at rosemaryzibart.com
  • A personal delight to interview award-winning poet Sarah Newfeld-Green who, you may guess, is related to me. In fact, my own dear twin sister. Winner of this year’s Golden Quill award for poetry in California’s Central Coast where she lives, Sarah dips into the personal and the political, including a timely comment “on the effluvia of the media.” Her observations on family, death and aging, on nature’s magnificence and subtlety glimpse a mind and heart that “summon’s memory and savor’s love” as her work has been described. Her 2019 collection Rainbows is available directly from her, best to contact me at thelastword@ksfr.org and I will send your request on to her. A new collection hopefully coming next year.
  • A poignant interview with local author Shirley Melis on her memoir Banged-Up Heart: Dancing with Love and Loss. How do you cope with and survive losing two beloveds just a few years apart? How do climb out of the despair of grief and risk loving again? Or don’t take that risk and live only a half-life. A wide-ranging interview touching also the importance of advocacy for a loved one with medical needs and somehow taking care of oneself. A tender interview that allows us to glimpse life’s hardest lessons through the eyes and words of someone who has been there twice. www.shirleymelis.com
  • Eleven years before New Mexico’s largest recorded wildfire in Hermit’s Peak and Calf Calf another vast, destructive and shockingly hotter fire called the Las Conchas Fire devastated the Jemez Mountains, wildlife and unique flora of the area.Photographers Patricia Galagan and her late husband Philip Metcalf, then new to the American west, chronicled the devastation, the stark aftermath, and the ultimate recovery of the land over a seven year period, creating and publishing a volume of photographs to treasure in a beautiful book called Fire Ghosts.Patricia joins me in the studio to talk about their journey of visual discovery and her observations as a photographer on how fire transforms and teaches. And how nature responds as best she can in this time of escalating climate change. A sensitive and enlightening interview.Fire Ghosts published by George F. Thompson 2019.
  • Do not miss this sparkling interview with renowned travel journalist and delightful storyteller Judith Fein, back in the KSFR studio with her fascinating book, How to Communicate with The Dead and How Cultures Do It Around The World. Why are we in the United States generally wary of discussing death and the “beyond” and expected to wear somber black for funerals? During her decades of travel Judith observed and actively participated in ceremonies and rituals celebrating the death of loved ones. She learned that the simple willingness to open our hearts and minds can offer us a glimpse through the gossamer thin veil that separates life from death. And that rather than being frightening or spooky the communications and conversations are filled with love and grace. Discover Judith Fein and all her books at www.globaladventure.us