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About Us

KSFR demonstrates a commitment to broadcast programs that reflect the independent, thoughtful perspectives of our own community — as well as those of other critical thinkers around the world. You'll hear opinions that don't toe the line from all sides of an issue.
KSFR exemplifies diversity in the music we play. Nearly every musical genre is represented in the course of our broadcast week. We pay special attention to local New Mexico musicians whose talent often finds an appreciative audience among KSFR listeners.

KSFR non-musical programming addresses issues that impact our Northern New Mexico community — from local to international. We specialize in providing information and discussion that educates as well as inspires.
KSFR News covers Northern New Mexico with the largest radio news team in the capitol city. Reporting on the international scene, we count on our partner, BBC World Service, the largest independent news organization in the world.

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