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PSA Policy

Public Service Announcements

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are short, "non-commercial" announcements prepared to provide information to the public. A non-commercial announcement contains information that benefits its intended audience, rather than the company that created it. For example, a PSA that provides health information differs from an ad that promotes the sale of a health product. Consequently, most PSAs are produced by nonprofit associations, but commercial, for-profit organizations may also use them to promote their nonprofit activities and events.

KSFR broadcasts public service announcements on air as a community service. This service is intended to provide listeners with information about community activities in which they may have an interest.

PSAs should support groups such as community associations, advocate groups, nonprofit organizations, and for-profit organizations that are promoting their community, nonprofit events with PSAs.

We do not accept announcements for protest rallies, political rallies, gambling trips, the sale of general merchandise, promotion of event sponsors, promotion of commercial products or services (including affinity programs), or material that may be seen as offensive.

PSA messages:

  • Must contain information that is beneficial to the community. 
  • Should NOT include controversial or self-serving material. 

 KSFR will air PSAs originating from a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization at no charge at the discretion of KSFR management.

KSFR will air both pre-recorded and live PSAs at our discretion.

Guidelines for KSFR PSAs:

1. Announcements are only accepted from charitable, non-profit organizations (501 (c) (3) tax-exempt, non profit organizations) and SFCC groups

2. Pre-recorded announcements must be :30 in length and provided ready-to-air to KSFR.

3. KSFR will NOT use staff time to record and edit PSAs

4. KSFR doesn’t guarantee how many times we air any PSA

5. All PSAs are aired at the discretion of KSFR management, and all PSAs must be of direct relevance to our Northern New Mexico listenership.

6. PSAs can only contain value-neutral wording. Words such as "Best", "Interesting", "Fun", "Entertaining", and "High Quality" are all statements of opinion, and can only be used in quotations such as "The Examiner-Chronicle-Times has called the 'Bonny Doon Bi-annual Llama Rodeo and Wine Tasting' the Best Entertainment on a Tuesday Night!", assuming it has been published.

7. Announcements promoting the purchase of tickets to an event must come from organizations duly qualified to fundraise for the non-profit organization.

8. As a public radio station, KSFR cannot mention prices. "Ticket information is available at 420-4334" is preferable to "Tickets are Available for $5" or "Parking is $42" or even "Seniors are Half Price".

9. Announcements for fund-raisers at commercial establishments will not be acceptable, even if a portion of the funds are donated to charity.

10. Announcements from churches or for church-sponsored organizations or events should be nondenominational, promote the well-being of the entire community, and be open to the general public.

Due to the volume of PSAs received by KSFR, we lack the resources necessary to convert press releases, brochures, calendars, and posters into ready-to-air Public Service Announcements.

We reserve the right to refuse any request.