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Propose A Program

Have an idea for a new program? Two thirds of KSFR's weekly programming is produced locally by talented volunteer producers. If you have an idea for a program, here's how to submit it to KSFR for consideration.

Before you submit your program concept, listen to KSFR at different times to and consult our published Program Schedule here on the website. Will your idea be a fresh new addition to our public radio line-up? What will set it apart? Is there something about your concept that will especially appeal to public radio listeners in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico? 

The first step is to write us with details about your idea. We prefer email, but you can also send your proposal to our postal address. Send an email to info@ksfr.org.

Include all of the following information:

·      Your name and contact information (mailing address, phone, email)

·      Your relevant experience with the subject matter of your program

·      Your experience with broadcasting or audio production (though a radio background is not required)

·      Proposed length of program (60, 30, 5 minutes or other) and frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or other)

·      Tell us the concept. What's it about?

·      Describe sample content of a typical show.

·      Who do you think it would most appeal to?

·      Why would it be a valuable addition to KSFR's schedule?

KSFR staff will review your written proposal. If we think your idea will make a distinctive and engaging addition to the KSFR line-up, and if there is an appropriate opening in our program schedule, we will invite you to produce a pilot radio show.

Our production staff will help you produce the pilot or demo show using KSFR facilities at no charge. When completed KSFR staff will review the pilot. KSFR may have suggestions for modifications and may ask you to revise the pilot before making a final decision. If the pilot is approved, an air date will be scheduled and you will be referred to KSFR's operations team for orientation, training, and certification in the use of any equipment required for the production and airing of your program. You will asked to sign a formal Volunteer Producer's Agreement acknowledging our policies and procedures, and those of the Federal Communications Commission, which regulates broadcast stations. All new KSFR programs are considered probationary for the first three months and are subject to further review and reconsideration by KSFR staff.

We're committed to recruiting and nurturing talented local producers who will help Santa Fe Public Radio continue to grow in service of our community. Thank you for your interest in joining the KSFR team!