Tips to Reduce COVID Risks during the Holidays

Nov 23, 2021
Martin Cathrae / CC BY-SA 2.0

The 2021 winter holidays have arrived just as COVID-19 cases are spiking across the U.S.  So what can we do to minimize the risks of getting together with friends and family?  For answers, KSFR reporter Mary Lou Cooper turned to Dr. Elizabeth Fix, pediatrician and internal medicine doctor, at Presbyterian Medical Group in Santa Fe, NM.   

  Host Yolanda Cruz and Dr. Michael F. Brown discuss his work as a cultural anthropologist whose research covers a broad range of topics, including the Indigenous peoples of Amazonia, new religious movements, and the global challenge of protecting Indigenous cultural property from misuse and appropriation.

Is it safe to fly this holiday season?

Nov 17, 2021
Breaking Travel News / CC BY-ND 2.0

Even as COVID-19 cases are spiking in some places, pent-up demand for travel is exploding.  But is it safe to fly this holiday season?  The CDC is steadfast in its warning that travel increases your risk of getting and spreading COVID.  Infectious disease professor and medical travel expert, Dr. David Freedman,  offers advice on how to make flying as safe as possible during the pandemic.  Reporter Mary Lou Cooper brings us the story.  

Parents Divided on COVID Vaccines for Kids

Nov 12, 2021
SELF Magazine / CC BY 2.0

In a recent survey, the Kaiser Family Foundation found that when it comes to COVID vaccines for kids, parents split roughly into thirds--those who are eager to get youngsters vaccinated, those who say they want to wait and see and those who say they will never agree to COVID shots for their kids.  KSFR reporter Mary Lou Cooper talks with Kaiser public opinion research director Liz Hamel about COVID vaccine hesitancy, mandates and more. 

focusonmore / CC BY 2.0

A new public opinion poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) reveals who supports, who opposes and who's on the fence when it comes to COVID-19 vaccines.  Party affiliation, age and education play a major role.  Of those surveyed, 43%  say they've returned to normal pre-pandemic activities while 6% say they never really changed their activity levels.  Reporter Mary Lou Cooper talked with the director of public opinion research at KFF to get the details.   

Moheen Reeyad (@Moheen) via Flickr

News alert! Enrollment in New Mexico's medicinal cannabis program grew by 72% in two years. Surprising? Maybe not. 

Asaavedra32 / Wikimedia Commons

The pandemic has hit everyone hard, especially New Mexico’s business community––and the New Mexico Finance Authority announced a new business recovery grant program to provide $200 million to help recover losses in the state.

Tom Arthur / Wikimedia Commons

Next week, Santa Fe Residents will be heading to the polls to cast their ballots for Mayor. 

The big-ticket issues on a lot of people’s minds? Policing and climate change. 

Reporter Taylor Velazquez sat down with incumbent Alan Webber and Republican Alexis Martinez Johnson for their insights and plans if elected to the seat.

*Candidate JoAnne Vigil Coppler did not respond to multiple interview requests from KSFR.  

@Will Montegue via Creative Commons | Licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

All around town, kids and adults alike are gearing up for Halloween 2021.

Trick or Treating at the Santa Fe Place Mall is back. Opportunities to celebrate are abundant at school and church festivals, pumpkin patches, library events and private dinner parties. One Santa Fe pub is even advertising a Halloween Bar Crawl.

But wait... Is it safe to enjoy Halloween in the time of COVID?

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

Investigators of a fatal Santa Fe movie-set shooting have revealed a lead projectile was responsible for killing a cinematographer and additional suspected live ammunition was found at the filming location.


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