Students and teachers at Santa Fe’s Capital High School begin a campaign to reduce fears and confusion over Covid-19 vaccines among Southside residents. 

Community Matters For April 2021

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A conversation with Dr Victoria Mora, President of  The United World College USA.

Darren Vigil Gray

N. Scott Momaday’s latest book, Earth Keeper: Reflections on the American Land, looks at how humans have treated the earth. He asks people to assess how they plan to care for earth going forward.      

The print edition, published by HarperCollins books, includes pen and ink drawings by the author.  Momaday himself reads the audio version.

On Wed., April 19, writer Terry Tempest Williams will read the entire book in a Zoom session hosted by Collected Works Bookstore and Coffeehouse. Later it will be posted:

Native Voices on the Landback Movement

Apr 16, 2021

Governor Lujan Grisham's continued support of oil and gas drilling has resulted in rising opposition. KSFR's Georgina Hahn spoke to activist Julia Fay Bernal of the Pueblo Action Alliance and photographer and Bioneer Cara Romero about their perspective on the Landback movement.

KSFR's MK Mendoza speaks with author Michael Patrick Smith about his new book, The Good Hand: A Memoir of Work, Brotherhood, and Transformation in an American Boomtown. He recounts his experiences of journeying onto the frontlines of the fracking industry and tells the story as one reflecting perspectives of fortitude, grit and connection and personal transformationas well as one that shines light on bringing voice to what can often get overlooked.

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City Council Update 4/14

Apr 15, 2021

Santa Fe governing body meeting held on Wednesday 4/14/2021. Topics included a COVID update, the Midtown Campus, Firework Restrictions, PSA's and More. 


Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza speaks with Artist Walter W. Nelson about his life well-lived, his off the beaten path to follow the footsteps of the world's greatest painters and his many layered approach toward his rich body of art. 

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Cathy Smith

As vaccinations and our desire to get out of the house increase we've found somewhere new for you to visit. KSFR's John Shannon spoke with Emmy award winning Costume Designer Cathy Smith about her New Museum of Western Film and Costume located nearby at the Nambe Trading Post

Sometimes a photo or video changes the way people see something. So it was with the video a bystander shot of George Floyd’s death under the knee of a police officer in Minneapolis. That officer is on trial now. Professional photojournalists try to capture important, often underreported stories that are fleeting, changing and even dangerous. Recently, four photojournalists shared their insights and stories in a panel moderated by the well-known Northern New Mexico photojournalist Don Usner.

Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza speaks with local businessman Marc Beyer, Co-Owner and Co-Founder of  OCD Custom Cycles & Auto Repair in Santa Fe, New Mexico about what it has been like to survive the pandemic and tips he shares with others for how to do the same.

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Monday April 19th - The US has fewer limits on guns than any "modern state." The results are high rates of gun crime and death in America and even worse violence in Mexico where thousands of US-sourced guns wind up being used by criminals and cartels. Ioan Grillo has reported on crime in Mexico for two decades. His new book Blood Guns Money tells how criminals in Baltimore and Dallas, Sinaloa and Quintana Roo get their American guns.

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Trinity At 75: A Series By Dennis Carroll

Trinity Witnesses Recall Summer "Snow"

This year is the 75th anniversary of the Trinity Test in southern New Mexico. It was the first detonation of a nuclear device—the unleashing of the unholy might of the tiny atom. To mark the occasion, reporter Dennis Carroll, in an ongoing series of reports, examines what we have learned about the changing attitudes, the shroud of secrecy, claims of bad science and the apparent utter disregard for Trinity’s neighbors that now surround the test and its aftermath decades later.

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