Legal expert and author Alan Hirsch talks with Wake Up Call segment host MK about his new book, “Impeaching The President: Past, Present and Future”. He examines the real life implications of impeaching a president from its historical context to current day questions about President Donald Trump. Part One looks back to examine the impeachment processes involved in former presidents including Nixon and Clinton and exactly what charges lead to their investigations. 


KSFR consumer affairs reporter Mary Lou Cooper is investigating one of the saddest health care trends in America - the rapid growth of Alzheimer's disease. Here in New Mexico, almost 40,000 people 65 years or older suffer from Alzheimer's. In addition to the enormous emotional and physical distress caused by this illness, it costs New Mexico's Medicaid program almost $200 million a year for treatment.

Wake Up Call, December 7, 2018

Dec 7, 2018

On today's Wake Up Call, we'll hear about the risk factors linked to Alzheimer's Disease, as KSFR consumer affairs reporter Mary Lou Cooper speaks with AARP officials on ways to counteract some of those risks.  And KSFR interviewer MK speaks with famed recycled objects artist, Mitch Berg, now relocated from Santa Fe to Albuquerque, where he's continuing his artwork, while opening up new roads for others to try their hand. 


Wake Up Call segment host MK interviews award winning artist, and teacher, Mitch Berg - who is also founder of studio school and collaborative work space “Fuego”, offering workshops, programs and inspiration for all who wish to create. He shares and guides that “maker” experience with recycled goods for any age. He also offers special programs for marginalized populations seeking community support and growth  in the arts.



Later this month, educators in New Mexico plan to launch a coalition in support of the expansion of community schools in our state. Community schools have received bi-partisan support as an effective school improvement strategy in both urban and rural schools.  NEA-NM has made community schools part of its legislative agenda this session. David Greenberg, a Las Cruces community schools coordinator, spoke with KSFR about the campaign.

Teatro Paraguas is hosting its 6th annual holiday show: A Musical Pinata For Christmas. KSFR interviewer MK speaks with Teatro Paraguas vice president Argos MacCallum about the event.. its background, rehearsals and what's in store this year to delight Santa Feans.

Wake Up Call, December 6, 2018

Dec 6, 2018

On today's Wake Up Call, host Ellen Lockyer speaks with David Greenberg, a community schools organizer from Las Cruces who is working to advance support for the community schools idea.  Also, KSFR interviewer MK converses with Teatro Paraguas' Argos MacCallum about the upcoming Chritsmas show: "A Musical Pinata for Christmas." And we'll find out about a move by Santa Fe County to let people know how to get their property assessment revised due to the July 500 year flood.  All that and Marketplace Morning Report and local news too. 

KSFR consumer affairs reporter Mary Lou Cooper has investigated a problem rarely covered in the press.. financial abuse.  Domestic violence victims are often exploited financially, and, although domestic abuse is a common topic, financial exploitation of the victim is not. Here Cooper speaks with Liz Peck, a certified financial planner, about the issue, and about efforts to address it.

Unravelling the Mysteries of Crypto-Currency

Dec 5, 2018

KSFR's MK Mendoza speaks with national crypto-technology expert Kevin Werbach, author of the book "The Blockchain and the New Architecture" about crypto-currency, bitcoins and the new aspects of technology affecting currency. Kevin Werbach is professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. A world-renowned expert on emerging technology, he examines business and policy implications of developments such as broadband, big data, gamification, and blockchain. 

Wake Up Call, December 5, 2018

Dec 5, 2018

On today's Wake Up Call,  KSFR consumer affairs reporter Mary Lou Cooper takes a look at a little-recognized problem.. financial abuse, which is linked to domestic violence.  Also on today's show, KSFR interviewer MK speaks with a national crypto technology expert to unravel the mysteries of crypto currency.  All that, and Marketplace Morning Report, local news and weather and more on Wake Up Call.


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