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On Friday (October 23, 2020) KSFR News Director Tom Trowbridge spoke with New Mexico Democratic Senator Martin Heinrich.

Trowbridge commented to the Democrat that it appears Judge Amy Coney Barrett will be confirmed to the U-S Supreme Court, spelling trouble for the Affordable Care Act.

Good Reads

Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza speaks with two powerhouse authors bringing light to the adoption experience from both sides of the experience, the adopted child and the adoptive parent, and in both fiction and non-fiction. Don't miss what these two riveting writers Elaine Pinkerton and Jessica O'Dwyer have to say about such an important life-changing topic.

Excerpts from The Goodbye Baby

Full Interview: 

The Albuquerque Journal

Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza speaks with Artist Mitch Berg about his art, the art of living and his latest and greatest endeavors including a short animated film where he brings his figures to life (featured in part three) and public art via fences, keeping this former journalist turned artist, now filmmaker at the top of the charts as Wake Up Call's "most interesting man in the world".

Part One: 

Part Two: 


Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza speaks with Rebecca Rose Smith and Karen Crawford from Si Abiquiu about their efforts to bring greater recognition to the many talented and renowned artists of Northern New Mexico.

Part One: 

Part Two: 

To find out more and help support our talented artists, see the link below: 


Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza speaks with Author and lifetime Teacher Jared Gann about his new book, "Just! Teach: A New Paradigm for Education" endorsed as the "new bible of teaching". He comes to the table, not just with critiques, but a real way for teachers to take their power and run with it. To find out more you can email Jared Gann at jared@jaredgann.com.

Part One:

Part Two:


Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza speaks with Executive Director of SWAIA, Kim Peone about the success experienced at this year's virtual Santa Fe Indian Market, now placing it in the lead as a model for helping artists survive the pandemic. Once again the indigenous community shines with resilience: A moment of poetic justice as we pay homage to a population American history has not only attempted to conquer but all too often criminally neglected. 

KSFR Film Reviewer Extraordinaire, David D’Arcy

Oct 21, 2020

KSFR News Director Tom Trowbridge discussed some of David D’Arcy’s latest reviews for Santa Fe Public Radio with long-time journalist David D'Arcy.

And, just in time for the KSFR Fall Fund Drive, he encouraged listeners to assist the station achieve its financial goals:


New Mexico voters are deciding this fall on a proposed bond issue to improve infrastructure at a variety of New Mexico educational intuitions.

KSFR News Director Tom Trowbridge discussed the proposal with New Mexico School for the Deaf Director of Development & Public Relations, Keri-Lynn McBride:

The President and CEO of CHRISTUS St. Vincent, north-central New Mexico's full-service regional health system, Lillian Montoya on Monday (October 19, 2020) updated reporters on efforts to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic during Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber’s bi-weekly meeting with local reporters:


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Monday October 26th - Even before members of the Kentucky Grand Jury were allowed to speak out, it was clear that Attorney General Daniel Cameron had been trying to steer the jurors away from indicting the officers who killed Breonna Taylor in a botched Louisville police raid. Radley Balko of the Washington Post says this sad story is not unique to or for the city. An academic study found 3 years ago, several of the flaws in the raid are standard operating procedure for the Louisville PD.

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