John Shannon

KSFR's John Shannon - with a little help from his friends - had the opportunity last month to interview a world class, globe trotting, Japanese potter who made his way to our community - beckoned by admirers and a disciple of his craft who built a Japanese style kiln in which he could fire his work. Here's John's Interview...


Wake Up Call Segment Host MK Mendoza speaks with Sharon Argenbright, member of the Patient Safe Staffing Coalition about the need for adequate staffing of nurses to patients which seriously results in not just higher costs to hospitals but ultimately patient's safety, wellness and ultimately their human life.  Nurses are urging the legislature to pass the Patient Safe Staffing Act of 2020, HB 68 which would give the governor effective and direct means of enacting her expressed support for safe nurse staffing and provide proper support to all involved.

You Tube - That Was History

Wake Up Call Segment Host/Producer MK Mendoza brings listeners excerpts from the first committee meeting to review HB237, a legislative bill which seeks greater justice for human trafficking victims. But it also faces a challenging journey ahead, requiring two more committee meetings which can mean death to a bill. Despite some concerns, the public shows up to show their unanimous support in this committee meeting. A Senate Bill seeking funding to help victims faces a similar challenge.

Part One: Inside House Committee Meeting#1

Issa Nyaphaga

Wake Up Call Segment Host/Producer MK Mendoza speaks with Renowned International Political Activist, Artist and Political Cartoonist who was imprisoned in his fight to defend the right to free speech, Issa Nyaphaga who is now premiering his first solo exhibition for 2020 entitled, “STRUGGLE” at the Jean Cocteau Cinema. The Exhibition will be up for two months following February 6, 2020 and Nicole Lawe has curated the show.  

For more information on Issa Nyaphaga, see the following link: 

Santa Fe Community Foundation

On February’s “Community Matters” program, which runs monthly on KSFR’s news programs the third Monday, the subject is Black History Month.

The host, Santa Fe Community Foundation President and CEO Bill Smith, is joined this month by Cathryn McGill, Director of the New Mexico Black History Organizing Committee:


Sage Bird, a Santa Fe activist, author and artist is leading a new effort to help count the most difficult people to count during the upcoming U.S. Census. Bird, who’s with BeCountedNM, was joined by State Representative Joseph Sanchez’s Congressional Campaign Manager Roberto James, to discuss Bird’s efforts.


On February 13th, the Santa Fe Public School District showcased a collaborative effort across departments: Science, Technology, Exceptional Student Services, Math, Art, Sustainability Education, Community Engagement and Native American Student Services. 

It was the SFPS annual Innovation Expo was a multi-faceted, inclusive community event, subtitled “Full STEAM ahead.”

KSFR’s Tom Trowbridge discussed the event the day before with SFPS Superintendent Dr. Veronica Garcia and SFPS Public Information Officer, David Carl.


Wake Up Call Segment Host/Producer MK Mendoza speaks with Senator Michael Padilla about the legislation he continues to work on regarding protecting consumer data in a world where personal data is now the new oil in a reported trillion dollar industry.


Anti-crime bills are gathering steam at the Roundhouse as lawmakers contend with staggering increases in violent crime statewide. KSFR News Director Tom Trowbridge speaks with State Representative Daymon Ely about the issue.

Santa Fe Film Festival

Wake Up Call Segment Host/Producer MK Mendoza speaks with First Time Producer Rosario Provenza and First Time Director Steve Maes about their locally produced and now internationally acclaimed film "Caffeine and Gasoline: Evolution of the American Rocker" set to debut this week at the Santa Fe Film Festival. After a lifetime in the film industry in other capacities, their artistic talents come together in a stunning film, certain to continue putting them on the map for more to come from this dynamic duo. 


Sam Scott Painting Raffle

Through February 27th, you can donate and be entered to win a 20x16 inch oil painting, Bouquet for the Children, by Sam Scott.

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Monday February 17th - What are the people of the world thinking? About their own security? About their own happiness? No one devotes more resources to answering questions like that than Gallup, Inc, literally the name for polling since the company was founded by George Gallup in 1935. Julie Ray is Managing Editor for World News at Gallup and can explain where the most insecure people on earth live and why – when it comes to happiness – the US is only #19 in the world

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