Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza speaks with one of the nation's leading experts on Digital Learning,  Dr. Mary Ann Burke about how to keep kids engaged while learning on-line as well as equity in education especially in the hi-tech age. Tune in to Part Three on March 3, 2021.

Part One: On Keeping Digital Learning Equitable

Part Two: Keeping Kids Engaged in On-Line Learning

New Mexico National Guard Combats COVID-19

1 hour ago
Courtesy of New Mexico National Guard

Although it keeps a low profile, the New Mexico National Guard is a key player in efforts to combat COVID-19 in our state.  Serving at the call of the governor, currently 350 Soldiers and Airmen are deployed throughout the state on COVID missions.  These women and men help state and local agencies, pueblos and tribes with such things as testing, giving shots, setting up alternatives to hospital care, decontaminating areas and delivering food, water and supplies to name just a few tasks.  KSFR reporter Mary Lou Cooper talks with top National Guard leaders to learn more.

Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza speaks with Co-Founder and Co-Owner of OCD Custom Cycles & Auto Repair Company, Marc Beyer about why building community is so important and how he engages it through mentorships, community classes that offer basics on mechanics for females and those who want to know the nuts and bolts of car function and on-going activities that allow people to connect, have fun, network and find support, and strengthen the ties that build on the positives that make a community thrive.

Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza speaks with Dr. Chuck Ruby about his new book, Smoke and Mirrors: How You Are Being Fooled about Mental Illness, An Insider's Warning to Consumers. He is also the Executive Director of ISEPP, the International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry and as a former military Lieutenant Colonel who served in counterintelligence, counterespionage, and criminal investigative assignments acoss the globe.  In 2012, Dr.

New Mexicans Manage Water Resources for the Future

Feb 19, 2021
Abiquiu Reservoir

Water in New Mexico is scarce. But politicians, scientists, and communities are working together to make sure we have enough for the future. Georgina Hahn gives us some history and current happenings of water planning in New Mexico.

Wake Up Call's  MK Mendoza speaks with Political Commentator and Comedia Jimmy Dore about his take on today's political climate and more.

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Indoor Dining Resumes Amid Pandemic Uncertainty

Feb 17, 2021

Santa Fe County's move from red to yellow COVID status has made way for indoor dining. KSFR's Georgina Hahn speaks with some locals about our restaurants. 

Gatestone Institute

Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza speaks with Islamic Expert Raymond Ibrahim about one of his latest reports entitled "Chained, Raped, and Murdered: Christian Girls in Muslim Pakistan".

Part One:

Part Two: 

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Alliance for Local Prosperity

Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza speaks with folks from the Alliance for Local Prosperity about The Public Banking Act being put through this legislative session. It proposes to boost the local economy and lift the state out of poverty.

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Dog Detectives Sniff Out COVID-19

Feb 16, 2021
Margi Rentis / Florida International University

Researchers at Florida International University (FIU) have a new tool in the COVID-19 test kit.  And this one has four legs.  Dog detectives have been trained to sniff out COVID-19 odors on surfaces in classrooms, office buildings, libraries and more.  Scientists got the idea from a project that trained agri-dogs to detect a deadly virus that was killing avocado trees in Florida.  Dr. DeEtta Mills, director of the FIU International Forensic Research Institute, talks with KSFR about the program.     


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Tuesday February 23rd - If you think Donald Trump is an idiot, Vladimir Putin probably agrees with you, only he, like several former top US intelligence officials would call him “a useful idiot.” Useful for the Russians that is. Craig Unger’s new book American Kompromat, traces Trump’s ties to KGB influence back more than 40 years to his first marriage and then, a strange purchase for his then-newest hotel. He needed 1000 TV sets…so why buy 200 from a dealer who supplied consumer goods to...

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Trinity At 75: A Series By Dennis Carroll

Trinity Witnesses Recall Summer "Snow"

This year is the 75th anniversary of the Trinity Test in southern New Mexico. It was the first detonation of a nuclear device—the unleashing of the unholy might of the tiny atom. To mark the occasion, reporter Dennis Carroll, in an ongoing series of reports, examines what we have learned about the changing attitudes, the shroud of secrecy, claims of bad science and the apparent utter disregard for Trinity’s neighbors that now surround the test and its aftermath decades later.

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