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Endangered Lizard May Slow Oil and Gas Drilling in NM & TX
Federal wildlife officials have declared a rare lizard in southeastern New Mexico and West Texas an endangered species. The Fish and Wildlife Service said Friday that future energy development, sand mining and climate change could lead to extinction of the dunes sagebrush lizard in one of the world’s most lucrative oil and natural gas basins.
Mandate for 180 Day School Years Halted by New Mexico Judge
A New Mexico judge has put on hold a new mandate that requires school districts across the state to adopt calendars that consist of at least 180 days. The ruling came Monday as dozens of school districts and superintendents challenge the state Public Education Department over the change's legality.
NM Working on Rule to Reuse Water Used for Fracking.
New Mexico, the nation's number two state for petroleum production, is taking initial steps toward regulating the treatment and reuse of water that had been used for fracking as Leading state environmental officials are tackling water scarcity.
Biden Administration Seeks Partial End of Protections for Migrant Children
The Biden administration plans to partially end court supervision of how the federal government cares for child migrants, shortly after producing a list of safeguards against mistreatment. An opposing attorney says the Justice Department will attempt to terminate what is known as the Flores Agreement.
NM Attorney General Prosecuting 3 Men Charged with Underaged Solicitation, Blames Meta
Charges against three men for accusations of using Meta’s social media platforms to target and solicit sex with underaged children will be prosecuted by New Mexicos Attorney General Raúl Torrez.
Secretary of State Rejects Petition Against Firearm Waiting Period
Secretary of state Maggie Toulouse Oliver rejected a referendum on 129 House Bill for a 7 day waiting period to purchase a firearm. The petition was submitted by Senators Craig Brandt and Pat woods.