Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety Executive Director Joni Arends and Independent Community Activist Cindy Weehler express their concerns over developments at WIPP that could lead to what they call "Forever WIPP", meaning no deadline on when storage would end and the possibility of upcoming expansion of nuclear waste storage at WIPP.  The deadline for public comment is August 11, 2020.

For more information on public comment and Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety, see link below: 

Santa Fe Children's Museum

Susan Lynn, Executive Director of the Santa Fe Children's Museum joins Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza to say the museum is still going strong thanks to so much community support, creative problem solving and a little unwitting pre-preparation before the unexpected pandemic. 

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Ray Sandoval, Zozobra Committee Chair joins Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza to say nothing will stop this important New Mexico tradition, not even the pandemic! Tune in to find out exactly how the City Different will be celebrating Old Man Gloom this year and the wise take-aways it provides especially during one of the world's seemingly most challenging years on record. 

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Senior Medicare Patrol

Samantha Morales, Head of Senior Medicare Patrol  joins Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza to discuss what Medicare Fraud looks like during the pandemic and how to report and prevent it.

For more information on how you can prevent and report it, see link below: 


Harper Collins

Best Selling Author Gary John Bishop talks about his new book entitled "Ask Gary F*cking Anything" with Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza where he offers his no nonsense straight talk advice on some of people's most burning issues.


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Adam Lustig from Trust for America's Health discusses their latest report looking at the rate of food insecurity for New Mexico's children with Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza.

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Longtime Santa Fe Native American Art dealer and business owner Stephen Fox has some ideas about the United Nations.

KSFR News Director Tom Trowbridge recently spoke with Fox… and began the conversation by asking him about something called “the model U-N project” is all about:

Trinity Witnesses Recall Summer "Snow"

Jul 29, 2020

This year is the 75th anniversary of the Trinity Test in southern New Mexico. It was the first detonation of a nuclear device –the unleashing of the unholy might of the tiny atom.

To mark the occasion, reporter Dennis Carroll, in an ongoing series of reports, examines what we have learned about the changing attitudes, the shroud of secrecy, claims of bad science and the apparent utter disregard for Trinity’s neighbors that now surround the test and its aftermath decades later.

Long-Term and Aging Department

Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza speaks with NE Regional Coordinator for the State Health Insurance Assistance Program Kris Winterowd about the many resources available to seniors and citizens with disabilities through their telephonic and web-based resource center, the ADRC (Aging and Disability Resource Center). 


Georgetown University

Lifetime Artist, Activist and Dean from IAIA Charlene Teters speaks with WUC's MK Mendoza about the impact of racial stereotypes and changing the narrative toward a more truthful history about this nation's past.


For more information about Charlene Teters, see link below: 



This Week On Here & There

Wednesday August 5th - Hop-scotching the world in search of a Nobel Peace prize-winning diplomatic triumph, President Donald Trump has tried muscle and sanctions in Iran and sweet talk and promises with North Korea. No luck. So about peace between Serbia and Kosovo. Former UN diplomat and scholar Ed Joseph says the grand plan for a White House summit blew up when the Kosovar President was indicted as a war criminal. Most Kosovars were glad to see the summit disappear, though many dispute...

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