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Lamplighter Inn set to be converted into affordable housing and shelter


After sixty years of being a staple on Cerrillos Road, The Lamplighter Inn is closing its doors to make way for new affordable housing and shelter for those experiencing homelessness.


In a report by the Santa Fe New Mexican, owners Parul and Anna Patel announced they would be willing to sell the unit in early 2021.

Anchorum St. Vincent, a nonprofit community health impact organization located in Santa Fe was looking to purchase hotel properties and become interested in the Lamplighter lot. 

They then joined forces with the Santa Fe Housing Initiative or S3, a collaborative effort that utilizes local expertise and existing works to incorporate the “Build for Zero” practice, that aims to act on the desire by the community to protect and provide safe and secure housing for the most vulnerable residents in Santa Fe.

Both organizations belong to the same working group as Santa Fe County, the state of New Mexico, and the Interfaith Community Shelter. 

Back in December, the county committed $1.5 to the purchase of the Lamplight property. The city of Santa Fe is also currently considering putting forth an additional $3 million towards the purchase from the Affordable Housing Trust Fund and American Rescue Plan funds

Anchorum St. Vincent and S3 have been handling negotiations on the part of the working group with the owners. The sale is expected to finalize in January. 

Once finalized, the land will be converted into new affordable housing for residents, with one-fourth of the units being set aside for those experiencing homelessness.

This will be the second structure of its kind opened in Santa Fe, the first was the Santa Fe Suites motel, which is constructed in the same model as the Lamplighter will be.

The Santa Fe Suites was also purchased and renovated by the same working group involved in the Lamplighter sale.