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Medicinal Cannabis Program Grew 72% in 2 Years & Marijuana Consumption Areas

Moheen Reeyad (@Moheen) via Flickr

News alert! Enrollment in New Mexico's medicinal cannabis program grew by 72% in two years. Surprising? Maybe not. 

For this week’s deep dive into New Mexico’s political world, KSFR's Interim News Director Bryce Dix is joined by New Mexico Political Report journalist and Growing Forward podcast host Andy Lyman to discuss what may be driving people to medicinal cannabis in the state.  

And, picture this: an area specifically meant for people to consume cannabis that serves energy drinks and potato chips. Interesting, right? The two chat about the controversy surrounding cannabis consumption areas and what they could possibly look like in the future.

To wrap up, Andy Lyman gives us a little tease of what he’s doing on the latest episode of Growing Forward that went live earlier this week


Read more of Andy Lyman’s reporting here.

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