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NM Politics: Cannabis Production Licensing Is a Go. So, What's Next For The Industry?

David M Busto via Flickr |Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

It’s official! Applications for cannabis production licenses are now open

KSFR's Interim News Director Bryce Dix sat down with Growing Forward podcast host Andy Lyman to break down what it took to get us here and what role equity will play in an industry that is historically dominated by the wealthy elite. And to wrap up, the two acknowledge that while the rules that govern cannabis producers are now in effect, the rules for manufacturers, retailers, testing facilities, and other key parts of the cannabis supply chain are still in an ever-changing limbo.  


Read Andy Lyman’s reporting here.

Bryce Dix can be reached on Twitter @brycemdix and Andy Lyman @Anjreu

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