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New 10-Digit Dialing System Will Soon Go Into Effect For NM


As of next week, the way you dial your phone calls will change. 

The Federal Communications Commission has mandated a new three-digit number when dialing for its National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. To make this change, the state of New Mexico will make 10-digit dialing for all phone calls mandatory.

New Mexico has a history of struggling with suicide. The state has a rate that’s 1.5 times that over the national average

And starting next year, people in crisis will need to dial 988 to be directly connected to the suicide hotline.

But, what does this mean for New Mexico? 

As of October 24th, this means that a new 10-digit dialing system will be implemented to support this change. Callers in the state will need to dial area codes first, think 505 or 575, for local calls. Any call dialed following a seven-digit dialing will not be completed and an automated reminder will remind folks of the change. 

According to the Public Regulation Commission, this change won’t affect phone bills or require a change in phone number. However, automatic dialing equipment such as alarm systems and internet dial-up will need to be changed to operate with the new 10-digit dialing system. 

To reach the Suicide Prevention Lifeline, callers will still need to dial 1-800-273-TALK until July of next year.