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4/11/2024 with Judith Fein and Paul J. Ross

Finally here with their long-awaited new book, Slow Travel New Mexico: Unforgettable Personal Experiences in The Land of Enchantment, our beloved local travel journalists, Judith Fein and Paul Ross. A guide book like no other from world travelers like no other. What is Slow Travel and how can you carve your own adventurous path in your neighborhood? Begin with an old-fashioned map, stick in a pin and let your imagination and curiosity lead the way, says Judie. Spot something intriguing along the side of the road as you drive? Stop and take a closer look, says Paul. A big, black, hairy creature grazing among cows turned out to be a Yak, native to Nepal ! Slow down, way down, talk to local folks and listen to what they have to say. Want to really dance with wolves? They’re closer by than you think. Be prepared to discard your day’s agenda and discover beauty, deliciousness and new friends. Slow Travel New Mexico, filled with hundreds of Paul’s full color photographs and tales tall and true.
unmpress.com and globaladventure.us