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03/14/2024 with Renee Gregorio

I’m aware that many Last Word listeners are writers, so today’s interview with award-winning Northern New Mexico’s poet, Renee Gregorio, may offer us all a fascinating boost for our writing life. Renee joins me with her new book, The Writer Who Inhabits Your Body: Somatic Practice to Enhance Creativity and Inspiration. Drawn from her lifetime practice of the martial art Aikido and her work as a master somatic coach, Renee suggests creating our own internal writing “dojo” through a simple centering practice. How do we open our whole body to the magnificence of language? How do we walk through the doorway of fear? How can our writing sparkle and roar? And is a roar really a whisper that quietly lets the reader feel that blessed and elusive moment of inspiration that never leaves us? Meet Renee at The Ark Bookstore on Sunday, March 24th at 3:00. www.reneegregorio.com