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03/09/2023 with Elizabeth Rose

“When Cows Wore Shoes” takes us back in time to mid-century rural Spain where Elizabeth Rose and her young family spent eleven idyllic summers untouched by modern conveniences. Wanting her sons to experience a culture different from their well-ordered English life Elizabeth and her then partner found their way to the tiny mountain village of Ruesga, where the boys could “run feral, roam the unseen worlds of their imagination.”
Filled with characters they came to love and who welcomed them back each summer, we learn about farming practices where working cows wore shoes to protect their feet from the rocky ground, and dine with the family on scavenged roots and herbs, fresh meat from animals they personally knew, and vegetables picked seconds earlier.
A treasure of a memoir from a gifted writer who later discovered the wilds of New Mexico. “When Cows Wore Shoes” by E.P. Rose www.galisteoliz.com Elizabeth will be reading at Travel Bug, 839 Paseo de Peralta, at 5:00 pm on Saturday, April 8th.