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11/03/2022 with Patricia Galagan

Eleven years before New Mexico’s largest recorded wildfire in Hermit’s Peak and Calf Calf another vast, destructive and shockingly hotter fire called the Las Conchas Fire devastated the Jemez Mountains, wildlife and unique flora of the area.

Photographers Patricia Galagan and her late husband Philip Metcalf, then new to the American west, chronicled the devastation, the stark aftermath, and the ultimate recovery of the land over a seven year period, creating and publishing a volume of photographs to treasure in a beautiful book called Fire Ghosts.

Patricia joins me in the studio to talk about their journey of visual discovery and her observations as a photographer on how fire transforms and teaches. And how nature responds as best she can in this time of escalating climate change. A sensitive and enlightening interview.

Fire Ghosts published by George F. Thompson 2019.