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New Teen Center Aims To Serve Low-Income Kids On Santa Fe's Southside

Courtesy of Jacob Abeyta

A new space made specifically for teens is opening up on Santa Fe’s Southside—and no, it’s not a bowling alley. 

Jacob Abeyta is with the Santa Fe Boys and Girls Club

“The Southside of Santa Fe doesn’t really have a lot of resources for teens," Abeyta said. "But, this is the part of town where our teens are located these days."

He explained that ongoing gentrification and the rising cost of living in the city is pushing Santa Feans out of their homes. And that’s exactly why the Santa Fe Boys and Girls club is curating a space that offers free food, entertainment, tutoring, and other services in a place where kids need a community the most. 

Located in a converted retail store in the Santa Fe Place Mall, Abeyta tells me this center is part of a project that has been in the works for 4 years.

And the best part?

The teen center has partnered with EA Sports to build a gaming room, with the hope of making the center a gaming hub of sorts for kids in the area. 

It’s not quite clear when the teen center will be opening officially, but Abeyta tells me that date will most definitely be before Halloween at the end of this month. 

For those who are itching to see the space, there will be a soft opening on Friday, October 22nd from 4-6pm.

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