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Santa Fe To Consider Safe Shelters For Homeless

The Santa Fe Governing Body
Kevin Meerschaert
The Santa Fe Governing Body

The Santa Fe Governing Body is considering Safe Outdoor Spaces legislation to help the city’s homeless population.
A resolution asking city staff to look into possible locations and partnerships was introduced Wednesday night.

The bill sponsored by Councilors Jamie Cassutt, Renee Villareal and Mayor Alan Webber would support the establishment of safe sleeping places for the homeless that would include basic human needs including 24/7 security, hygiene facilities and electrical services along with direct partnership with social service providers.

Cassutt is making it clear whatever the City Manager and his staff come up with, it will be very different from what was so controversial in Albuquerque.

“This is a very different scenario where there are 24/7 service provisions,” she said. “There are rules people have to follow, there is oversight, there is collaboration with the community and surrounding neighborhoods to create a good neighbor agreement to make sure that any concerns, any potential impacts that the neighborhood is concerned about is addressed that there is a plan put in place and that there are mitigation  strategies that are already agreed upon prior to the establishment of the Safe Shelter Space.”           

Cassutt says there is no established timeline for city staff to come back to the Governing Body with a plan and she wants to reiterate there has been no decisions or even much discussion on any proposed location for the Safe Outdoor Space.

Councilor Renee Villareal says there are partners who have already expressed interest in participating particularly in Santa Fe’s faith community.                 

The resolution is expected to be heard in committee as early as next week and could be voted on by the Governing Body later this month.

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