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Santa Fe Governing Body Pulls Obelisk Legislation

The Obelisk at The Santa Fe Plaza
Kevin Meerschaert
The Obelisk at The Santa Fe Plaza

The sponsors of the bill in the Santa Fe Governing Body to set the next steps regarding the CHART Commission and the future of the Obelisk in the Santa Fe Plaza have withdrawn the legislation. The bill was officially pulled from consideration during a special meeting Wednesday night.

Councilor Carol Romero-Wirth says they thought they had offered a solution that would have provided  a more complete representation of Santa Fe’s complex multicultural history.  

The proposal included using the pieces of the old Soldiers Monument that was torn down by protestors in 2020 . The new monument would include new panels to tell the cultural story of Santa Fe, including the story behind the old monument and its destruction.

       But after hearing from a long line of residents last week, with many differing and often emotional opinions,Romero-Wirth says  the four cosponsors decided it would be best to start again.

“We’ve heard from people formally and informally and we decided as a group it was best and an appropriate step to step back and let the temperature lower and to think about what’s been said,” she said. “Maybe with time there will be a path forward.”    

Romero-Wirth and Fellow cosponsor Amanda Chavez say they will be redrafting the resolution  to create and provide direction for an Office of Equity and Inclusion. However, they say there is no timeline for when the bill will be introduced.

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