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08/18/2022 with Byron and Mariah Edgington

Continuing a critical and heart-warming conversation from last week, Mariah is joined by her husband Byron as the two explore together the way to “Journey Well: You are More than Enough.” Who is this book written for and why even begin the Journey when all around us chaos seems to rule and no one can add one more thing to their agenda? And why More than Enough ? Isn’t it enough to just make it to the end of the day and collapse on the sofa ? In a loving husband-and-wife style By and Mariah discuss their mission “Mandate to Elevate,” something they’ve been doing all their lives, first in their respective professions giving and giving thanks, and now as writers and professional speakers. How can we, too, without feeling duty-bound or putting extra pressure on ourselves? mandatetoelevate.com