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Statewide elected officials could be getting a pay bump this coming legislative session if proved by the Legislative Finance Committee.


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A $600 million effort could make the coal-fired Escalante Generating Station located near Grants the nation’s first successful coal-to-hydrogen conversion project.

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In front of a mural commissioned by New Mexicans To Prevent Gun Violence, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, along with state, city, and law enforcement officials gathered for a press conference Thursday, to discuss upcoming crime fighting bills ahead of the 30-day legislative session.


Zach DeGregorio, the former chief financial officer for the New Mexico Spaceport Authority has filed a whistleblower lawsuit and alleges that he was forced to resign from his position after he raised concerns about financial malfeasance.


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This week, KSFR's Bryce Dix once again sat down with New Mexico Political Report's Andy Lyman to discuss the happenings of New Mexico's political world.

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KSFR's Bryce Dix sat down with CD1 democratic candidate Melanie Stansbury to talk her stance on climate change, systemic racism, and New Mexico's economy.