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Monday January 27th - The global frontline in the battle for individual freedom against totalitarian state control is Hong Kong. Resistance in behalf of local democracy and autonomy for Hong Kong within the Chinese nation state continues to stalemate the demands of Chinese leader Xi Jinping.  Weekend rallies still bring defiance of the Beijing dictates and a million people to the streetrs.  Journalist Benjamin David Haas has been covering the ongoing crisis for The nation…he updates the story, 

Tuesday January 28th - Candidate Donald Trump predicted that he could get away with murder and not lose any votes.  And President Trump says he and America have gotten away with the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Suleimani, and that the threat of further Iranian revenge is over. Karen J. Greenberg, Director of the Center on National Security at Fordham University Law School wonders if that’s true.  And I wonder how the globally-watched video of the aftermath of the killing is playing across the Islamic world.

Thursday January 30th - The numbers say the crisis of would-be immigrants at America’s southern border is easing.  Far fewer people are trying to cross, legally and illegally, than 6 months ago.  But tens of thousands of migrants are still there, in American detention facilities, and stoppered in shelters, camps and open fields on the Mexican side of the border.  Jens Erik Gould of the Santa Fe New Mexican on the Border Patrol officers dealing with a crisis that may no longer be growing, but isn’t going away either.