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50 years later, the video replay of Ron Swoboda’s miraculous catch in the 1969 World Series is one of the most watched presentations of one of the best-remembered moments in baseball history.  It’s the starting point for Swoboda’s new book Here’s the Catch: A Memoir of the Miracle Mets and More. 



The good news in my neck of the southern Rockies is that we’ve had an extraordinary El Nino winter and spring for snow pack and prolonged moisture in the mountains.  It’s also been extraordinary for the nourishment of small trees and grasses, the fuel for fires when things dry out. Edward Struzik’s book Firestorm explains why fire dangers are getting worse. 




The good news about Mad Cow Disease is that an easy reform, eliminating cow brains and spinal materials from cattle feed, has protected both cattle and people.  So far Chronic Wasting Disease, a similar medical issue is only a growing problem for deer and elk; there have been no known transmissions to humans. Rae Ellen Bichell of High Country News has the story.