This Week On Here & There

Jun 5, 2010

Tuesday July 14th - Most of America’s soybean farmers have been using a herbicide called Dicamba, made to protect specific genetically-modified seeds.  But Dicamba is volatile and drifts across fencelines, killing neighboring soybean crops not seeded for Dicamba. And now, evidence suggests, the Dicamba is also killing many trees across the Midwest, from the Dakotas to Arkansas. Johnathan Hettinger of the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting has the story.

Wednesay July 15th - Last week, millions of students in China took the annual academic test called the gaokao.  How they did can literally shape the whole rest of their lives.  And the test and the educational system it sums up may have shaped the near-perfect compliance of Chinese citizens with lockdown and mask-up orders from the State during the Covid-19 outbreak. Paul Willis is the author of the new book Being Modern in China.