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MONDAY OCTOBER 21 - Public Housing is a national shame.  And one of the most shameful cities is Baltimore, MD.  Wretched housing projects, poorly maintained can trap residents in dangerous conditions. And nowhere better to go. Investigative reporter Molly Parker of Pro Publica and The Southern Illinoisan has been covering the public housing debacle from Baltimore to NYC to Hartford to Cairo, Illinois.  Malign neglect from HUD executives and Congresspeople who enable this catastrophe.

TUESDAY OCTOBER 22 - The Uber ride-share service has two big problems:  it’s treating its drivers – not as employees – but as poorly-paid contractors …and still it's losing lots of money. Says Edward Ongweso Jr of VICE News’ Motherboard, recent legislation in California, saying Uber, Lyft and Door Dash drivers are employees, and thereby are entitled to minimum wage and health and safety protections and have the right to unionize, could be the death of the ride-share industry. 

WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 23 - China’s record on environmental protection is decidedly mixed.  It pollutes a lot, but it’s also a leader in developing clean and green technologies, but its Silk Road project is building more coal-fired power plants, which will pollute the earth more. Last December, we talked with Barbara Finamore, who founded the Natural Resources Defense Council's China Program, and wrote the book Will China Save the Planet?  Her answer, not by itself, but it could be a big help. 

THURSDAY OCTOBER 24 - For decades, Hollywood came to New Mexico.  To film.  The Land of Enchantment was largely the backdrop of movies.  Because it’s beautiful.  And not so far from L.A.  And inexpensive.  Now, Albuquerque is becoming a production center…Netflix and NBC Universal have signed 10-year deals with the city.  Is this good news? Journalist and author Meredith Jordan says – definitely, yes.  Although she’s seen the entertainment economy boom in Georgia and then go bust.