This Week On Here & There

Jun 5, 2010

Monday November 23rd - He tried to warn us.  He tried to warn his fellow-pollsters. John Zogby said the Biden-Trump vote would be a lot closer than  people predicted.  What made him so sure and what did his professional colleagues and competitors miss?  Did their collations tilt too much towards Democrats? Did voters lie to the poll-takers? And what about the demise of the telephone land line? The Presidential election what happened beyond the numbers?

Tuesday November 24th - Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Instacart … the oligarchs of the gig economy bet $200 million selling Californians on Prop 22, keeping their employees from getting the benefits most employees get.  Call ‘em contract workers and tell ‘em to take less for the work.  Californians bought the deal and Uber and Lyft stock went up by $20 billion. Greg Bensinger of the New York Times Editorial Board on how voters awarded other people’s labor negotiation to management.

Wednesday November 25th - I call ‘em para-militias,  because no Constitutional Scholar would call them “well-regulated.”  They’ve been bringing guns to anti-mask rallies and State Capitols, but fortunately they and their guns heeded President Trump’s advice to “Stand Down” on Election Day  But for how long will they “Stand By?” Frank Smyth, author of The NRA: An Un-Authorized History on the militias and their roots in the NRA, especially the alarmist myth, from any regulation of guns will go straight to the Holocaust, Joseph Stalin and Pol Pot.