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Jun 5, 2010

Monday October 26th - Even before members of the Kentucky Grand Jury were allowed to speak out, it was clear that Attorney General Daniel Cameron had been trying to steer the jurors away from indicting the officers who killed Breonna Taylor in a botched Louisville police raid. Radley Balko of the Washington Post says this sad story is not unique to or for the city.  An academic study found 3 years ago, several of the flaws in the raid are standard operating procedure for the Louisville PD. 

Tuesday October 27th -  President Trump commissioned a series of investigations or re-investigations of his political rivals, clearly hoping they would produce an October surprise to boost his chances of re-election.  National Security correspondent Shane Harris of the Washington Post says the surprise is – no surprises, all the investigations turned up nothing.  One more crack at the Clintons…nothing there … a fresh look at a standard practice – “unmasking” – nope.  No crimes, no violations and for a desperate President, no help. 

Wednesday October 28th - Most of the national polls show Democrat Joe Biden running well ahead of President Donald Trump, but, as we learned election day after election day, the national vote may not matter, if state votes turn the electoral college against the people’s choice.  Pollster John Zogby warns Biden fans, the national vote may be closer than they think and several key swing states are still up for grabs. As are more than enough Senate races to cloud the outcome. He’ll give us the what and the why of the polling story,