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Monday April 6th - The first of 2 programs on the coronavirus: the view from the eye of the storm, New York City as caseloads spike and healthcare systems show signs of strain. Shane Harris of the Washington Post had to report the inside view from the outside … journalism in the pandemic era, where it’s all hands on deck to cover Covid-19…but covering the virus gave Shane a fresh angle on a big story from his regular intelligence and national security beat. Who knew what when about this new disease? 

Tuesday April 7th - One thing we know about the coronavirus epidemic in  America: it’s going to get worse before it gets better.  And then what?  What do we know about the down-slope, about managing public health, reducing social distance and reviving the economy after Covid 19 has passed its peak?  Epidemiologist Justin Lessler of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health on the search for answers to those questions, and maybe, how soon we’ll near to shift gears from lockdown to recovery. 

Wednesday April 8th - Why are guns and ammo considered “essential” elements of retail trade during the coronavirus pandemic?  It’s a complex question, but to people who hate the idea, and to people who love it, the answer to the question is: the political power of the National Rifle Association, the NRA. Investigative reporter Frank Smyth has written an excellent new book The NRA: An Unauthorized History.  Want to know why there is no “authorized” history and what the NRA is hiding about itself?