This Week On Here & There

Jun 5, 2010

Monday September 21st - With so much of the West Coast beset by wildfires, New Mexico has only been burdened with the smoke.  But both are tokens of what climate change is doing to the Land of Enchantment and the West.  Laura Paskus of NM Public Television has written a new book: At the Precipice: New Mexico’s Changing Climate.  Losses in water from snowpack, rivers and streams a below ground aquifers are just the symptoms of the problem here. 

Tuesday September 22nd - When Michael Caputo, the man Donald Trump put in charge of corrupting scientific information about Covis-19 flipped out on Facebook, he spewed a conspiracy theory about Biden backers staging a coup after an election loss to Trump.  Sasha Abramsky wrote in the Nation, a similar scenario, with the roles reversed, haunts the American left.  The fear there is that Biden wins and Trump refuses to accept the results and the result is violence. The story, in depth on HERE & THERE -- coming up next. 

Wednesday September 23rd - David Weiss, the chair of the Journalism Department at the University of New Mexico, was teaching a sabbatical year at the fabled Charles University in Prague when the coronavirus pandemic hit the Czech Republic.  He hunkered down through the flow and ebb of the outbreak there and then came home to ABQ and worse Covid-19 trouble than he’d seen abroad. From a hoped for American future to a past hometown different from the one he’d always known.