This Week On Here & There

Jun 5, 2010

Monday June 8th - The day-by-day of the global price of oil looks a prize fight starring Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa… it’s hit! It’s cut, it’s staggered, it’s down!  But not out, NO!  Oil, like Rocky, is getting back on its feet.  $40 a barrel oil, -- break-even or better for some American producers -- is in sight. But will it last? And what does this mean for state revenues for gas and oil dependent New Mexico?  Oil economist Janie Chermak of UNM sorts it out 

Tuesday June 9th - Patrick Cockburn has been called “the world’s greatest foreign correspondent,” and that’s no stretch, especially when it comes to reporting on the Middle East, his beat for decades.  His new book is War in the Age of Trump, -- the destruction of ISIS, the abandonment of the Kurds and the assassination of an Iranian General…what do they add up to?  And how has Trump policy deepened our involvement in the Sunni-Shi’ite split. 

Wednesday June 10th - When last we looked at the Presidential campaign, Joe Biden was videocasting from his basement and President Trump was holding daily Covid-19 briefings on national TV.  Trump’s performances, since abandoned, made Biden’s relative silence golden.  But now everything has changed.  Since the death of George Floyd, Biden has been speaking out.  So has Trump, but did his Bible-waving photo-op hurt him more than help? Political pollster and analyst John Zogby sorts through some fast-moving developments,