Santa Fe Youthworks! - Building Community from the Ground Up - Two Part Series-Part One

Feb 4, 2019

Credit Santa Fe Youthworks

Wake Up Call Segment Host/Producer MK Mendoza speaks with three leaders from Santa Fe Youthworks who are paving the way toward building community from the ground up. Their unique wrap around approach takes what often gets discarded, from our youth, to left over clearing from fire prevention and transforms it into a resource to not just help others but provide a sustainable resource for the community. One example is they train and pay youth to clear woods for fire prevention, take that clearing and compost it, utilize that for creating gardens, use the food from the gardens to train youth how to prepare and serve food to not just help serve those in need but deliver high quality catering for the biggest event of your choice. This is just one example of their many programs with similar objectives and goals. This extraordinary group of visionaries is charting a path forward for a new way of doing business. By creating business that is born from creating opportunity to those in need by the simple act of recognizing their value - in the process they create only more for everyone. Don't miss this interview with this extraordinary group of Santa Fe movers and shakers taking Santa Fe to new heights! Don't miss the wrap up in Part Two and a big announcement they've rolling out that will change the Santa Fe landscape!