A Revolutionary Approach Leads the Way to Education and Changes The Paradigm in the Digital Age

Jul 11, 2019

Credit workingnation.com

Wake Up Call Segment Host MK Mendoza speaks with Northern New Mexico Radio Foundation Board President, Dr. Peter Smith about how the education paradigm is shifting in today's digital age. 

With a distinguished career in both politics and as a leading international thought leader in education, Smith's vision is revolutionizing how education is delivered to the public; Maximizing human potential while delivering economic growth.  

With the emergence of the digital revolution, traditional educational assumptions and programs are being significantly disrupted. Historically, educational practices that attempted to bridge the gap between adults' lives, college, and work were marginalized because our society was information-poor and they defied the dominant academic traditions. Now, the tables are turned. In our information-rich, digitized society, new technologies and data analytics are defining learning opportunities that were previously unimaginable. He discusses his book, "Free-Range Learning In the Digital Age: Your Path to Success in Life, Career, and College" which defines this new learning space and gives the reader the awareness, knowledge, and tools to use it.

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