Post Traumatic Spiritual Dissonance™ Reframes PTSD into Empowerment

Mar 6, 2020

Credit Horses for Heroes

Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza speaks with Founder of the Wisdom Way for Warriors Coaching Program that is the underlying philosophy of the nationally acclaimed New Mexico based Horses For Heroes program,  a unique horsemanship, wellness and Skill-set Restructuring™ program free to ALL post 9/11 Veterans and active military (both men and women) especially those who have sustained PTSD*, physical injuries, or have experienced combat trauma during their time serving our country. De Santis shares their ground breaking philosophy that  reframes PTSD into Post Traumatic Spiritual Dissonance. This reframing allows veterans to understand the strengths within their response and use it as a turning point for empowerment, self knowledge and wisdom. Their philosophy takes this "disorder" out of an "illness" category and instead utilizes it as an important tool for transforming lives toward the positive.  She helps us understand PTSD and all emotional/spiritual suffering within the context of emotional intelligence, physical response and soulful living. And in this process, helps us all see what has been previously categorized as a "negative" through a different, empowering and transformative lens toward positive renewal and empowerment.

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