MEOW WOLF Origin Story Release

Nov 29, 2018

Credit Meowwolf.com
MEOW WOLF.  Meow what’? Yes, like kitty - meow meow,  dog - wolf… MEOW WOLF… Join us as we speak with Santa Fe native, and Meow Wolf Chief Brand Officer, Emily Montoya about being part of one the nation’s leading cutting-edge artistic enterprises born right out of Santa Fe - And why they’re celebrating tonight. Yes, it is the release party for their new documentary THE LIVING THING – MEOW WOLF ORIGIN STORY – the behind the scenes story to how and why it all began. Thursday November 29th 9pm-12am with a host of exciting acts including Chromeo DJ Set , Doja Cat , Gilligan Moss , Nick Monaco. The documentary is available online via Meowwolf.com starting Friday, November 30th. THE RELEASE PARTY INFOhttps://santafe.meowwolf.com/event/living-thing/