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Sylko Dorsett

One day in April of 1996 my friend Greg Miller asked me to give him a ride to the KSFR Board meeting. So I went along and hung out on the side during the meeting. Then after the meeting the chairman of the board came over and we met and started talking and discussing music. He asked me if I had ever done any Radio.  At that time I had recently sat in with Jack Kolkmeyer doing the World Beat show on KBAC Radio.  Then he asked me if I would like to have my own show on KSFR Radio.  And that sounded exciting. By the time I got the 1st show on the air it was the last weekend of May in 1996.
Prior to my current Position at KSFR Radio I was able obtain an apprenticeship with Jack Kolkmeyer at KBAC Radio station. This was a great opportunity for me to acquire the skills I needed to become a radio DJ. 
When I started at KSFR I was the owner a reggae music, culture and art retail store called Tribal Expressions Inc in Santa Fe. I also specialize in Macrobiotic cooking and worked privately and as a commercial chef for 14 years  in Santa Fe NM.  
Being Radio DJ is one of my Passion.  I love doing the Reggae Runnins radio show on KSFR radio because its a great radio family, and its a blessing to serve the community. 
I was born on the Island of ST.Kitts WI, and Grew up in ST. Thomas US Virgin Islands.  I maker of Santaferoots Drinks. I have played Steel Drums growing up, base guitar, Congo drums and Bongo drums.  I love different kinds of music from all over the world but Reggae and world beat is my biggest is to connection.