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Sean Conlon

Sean Conlon has been a fan of public radio since stumbling upon the “left end of the dial” during a summer-long convalescence when he was 16.  He began his radio journey at St Michael’s College in Winooski, Vermont in the early 80’s, hosting jazz and free-form music shows and reading newscasts.   After graduating he moved to New York City, working as a writer/editor for non-profits in the area, and then on to Santa Fe where he’s run a tofu shop, worked in a record store and served as personnel director for a taxi company.  During this 20-year period he always missed being involved in radio, and was thrilled to have the chance to host a late night show on KSFR beginning in the summer of 2002.  A few months later he began working as a board operator for the station’s afternoon drive time show, The Journey Home, hosted by the late Diego Mulligan.  Over the years his involvement with the station has grown including Operations Manager and Production Manager.  He still hosts the free-form music show Undercurrents on Wednesday nights from 10 to midnight, and loves being part of a truly independent, community-based station here in New Mexico.