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Senate Rules Vote On Voters Rights Bill Pushed To Monday

Kevin Meerschaert

The Senate Rules Committee is expected to vote on SB8, the Voters’ Rights Bill on Monday morning. 

That after a long, sometimes emotional meeting Friday at The Roundhouse.


In a marathon session that began at 9am Friday morning the Committee heard hours of public comment on Zoom and in person from people who strongly support or oppose the legislation.  Supporters say the bill is needed to protect the rights of voters and allow them easier access to the ballot box.

Opponents said it would lead to voter fraud.     

There were several amendments proposed by committee members to the substitute bill that was introduced on Wednesday. After those were taken care of and a short break, Committee Chairman Daniel A. Ivey-Soto said they caught what he called a “calculation problem” and they would work with legislative counsel overnight to correct it. 

Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver said she has no problem with another delay given the importance of the legislation and the passion on both sides.

“Compared to those who fought for generations and sometimes gave their lives for the right to vote, I think that this is a small price to pay to go through a day of committee," she said. "Again this is legislation that deserves a lot of deliberation and a lot of thought and a lot of public input. There is nothing that’s happened here today (Friday) that is anything but Democratic and that’s what the point of this bill is.”              

Some of the comments from the public were terse with accusations of wrongdoing, questionable alliances, and who may have been paid to appear before the committee, mostly without any supporting evidence.
Ivey-Soto had said the committee will return for a vote Saturday morning, but later decided to wait until the Rules Committees next regular meeting Monday morning.



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