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Native Filmmaker Tells Famed Father's Story Through Her Eyes in New Documentary


Jenna Winters, Filmmaker and Daughter of acclaimed NM Sculptor Michael Naranjo meets with Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza to discuss her new documentary, "Dream, Touch, Believe". It tells the story of not just her former veteran father blinded by the Vietnam War turned successful sculptor but equally acknowledges her mother's contribution to bringing his talent to the forefront, greater access to the arts for the visually impaired and inspiration to all who have heard it.

His unforgettable story and her own about bringing his to light through her eyes as a filmmaker are both "Against the Odds" stories - critical to highlighting the importance of story as a means of not just honoring the multi-generational documentation of oral history from an indigenous perspective - but also as a means of providing hope and inspiration at a time when so many people's lives have and still are being so gravely affected by this pandemic. As we collectively watch not just death en masse, and especially among our native people but equally resources dwindling around the world, this story provides the food for the soul so desperately needed at a time when hope is sometimes all people have to go on. It reminds us of the vitally important role that fortitude, connection, self-expression, family and community play in strengthening the human spirit during hard times.


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