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Paula Stone Williams Risks All to Follow Calling of Transgender Identity Igniting New Purpose

Christian Post

Wake Up Call Segment Host/Producer MK Mendoza speaks with renowned Public Speaker, CEO, Writer, Counselor, Teacher, and Pastor Paula Stone Williams. With a life story that is now being translated into movie form, it is a story that has every twist and turn imaginable and far beyond. It is not only incredibly moving but brings the listener back to the simple reality of what it means to be human and opens the heart toward greater compassion and understanding as well as leaving us with a clear understanding of where change needs to happen and how we can all contribute to making the world a better place. It does what any good story was created to do - transform. If her Ted Talk is any measure of just how many have been moved by her story, 22 million viewers and counting reveals the powerful gift she was born with to deliver one of the most powerful stories of our era. Tune in to hear the full scope of a life courageously lived.

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