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Clean Energy Company Working On Wind-Powered Electricity For Northern New Mexico

Proposed route for electric lines from Invenergy across northern New Mexico.
Proposed route for electric lines from Invenergy across northern New Mexico.

 One of the world’s leading clean energy companies is working on a renewable energy project to bring wind-powered electricity to northern New Mexico.

The New Mexico North Plan was announced in January.

 The New Mexico Renewable Energy Transmission Authority entered into a joint development agreement with Invenergy Transmission to advance the project that would stretch from Union to San Juan Counties.  

The company says the State-of-the-art HVDC transmission lines can carry the same amount of energy as AC lines over longer distances and at lower cost, while using narrower rights-of-way and fewer structures.     

Director of Transmission Development for Invenergy William Consuegra told members of the Indian Affairs Committee that Union County is an ideal place to generate renewable energy.    

He says according to a 2020 state study, Union County ranks tops in the state for total developable wind capacity.

“We’re looking at taking the power from Union County to the San Juan County area which has the pathways to deliver carbon-free electricity to New Mexico and other states,” he said. “We want to also create a local and regional energy hub in San Juan County, keeping its history of being an energy hub. We want to keep that alive but with renewable energy.”          


Consuegra says the North Plan project will deliver up to 4,000 megawatts of low-cost clean, renewable energy with additional reliability and resilience benefits.

Invenergy says it prioritizes outreach with Tribal Nations and Native communities from inception, development to operation of the project.

North Path initiated early outreach and is in ongoing conversations with Tribal Nations to identify suitable development areas. The company says it’s committed to making sure the broad benefits of the transmission line include Tribal communities.