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Santa Fe Purchases Hybrid Vehicles For Police Patrols

The City of Santa Fe has purchased 42 hybrid vehicles for the police department. They will be the first hybrids to be used as patrol cars in the city. 

The Ford Police Interceptor Utility Hybrids are SUVs that are part of the regular replacement timetable for patrol vehicles.

The vehicles will be fitted with the latest communications equipment including police radios, mobile media terminals, and modems that can connect to the Dispatch Communication and Records Management Systems.

The police department already has seven hybrid vehicles that were used mostly for administration. 

Deputy Chief of Police Ben Valdez says new Fords are specifically designed as police patrol vehicles so they will withstand rigorous use.  

“All the gear and equipment they have. The high-stressed driving they have to do, rapid acceleration and deceleration,” he said. “So they come with a beefier suspension, beefier brakes and with the tires that we have they are also rated for type of police use.”        

The total cost of the vehicles and equipment is just under $3-million.

The hybrid patrol vehicles are expected to save over $765,000 in fuel cost over their expected five year service period.