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Oil and gas lobbyist, longtime financial supporter of the governor set to be appointed to Game Commission

JA Campbell
Deanna Archuleta portrait

The appointment of a lobbyist from ExxonMobil to the New Mexico Game Commission has raised alarm among conservationists and progressive groups in the state.

Deanna Archuleta is set to be officially introduced by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham at a commission meeting on Friday, according to reporting done by Searchlight New Mexico.

Archuleta has past experience working in public lands.

She worked as an advisor to the U.S. Secretary of the Interior and was the U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Water and Science under President Obama.

Despite this experience, her ties to the oil industry has caused a lot of groups within the state to question if there will be a conflict of interest present.

Lucas Herndon, Energy Policy Director for ProgressNow New Mexico said this appointment presents a clear conflict of interest.

Stating in a press release that it’s extremely troubling that a DC-based oil and gas lobbyist would be given this position of power, especially on a board that is charged with protecting wildlife and habitat from the very dangers her industry presents.

Archuleta has also been a long time donor and supporter of Lujan Grisham.

According to, Archuleta donated at least $12,500 to Grisham’s campaigns over the years.