Via New Mexico Department of Health

Data from the New Mexico Department of Health is now showing that kids who identify as Hispanic or Latino are at the bottom of the list when it comes to vaccination rates in the state. 

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As businesses struggle to find employees, counselors offer jobs advice to older workers considering a return to the workplace.

Two employment advisers talk with KSFR's Dennis Carroll about ways workers can adjust to often frustrating and confusing changes at work sites after years of being home bodies.


The New Mexico Department of Health reports that although the risks are small, Johnson and Johnson vaccine breakthroughs were 50 percent more likely than Pfizer vaccine breakthroughs. 


Long Term and Aging Department Secretary Katrina Hotrum-Lopez offers a brief press conference announcing the mass dispersment of the first vaccine to fight the Covid-19 pandemic at long term care facilities, tune in to find out when it will be given and to whom.

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