Santa Fe Community College

Santa Fe Community College

In an email to the campus community, Santa Fe Community College President Dr. Becky Rowley Ph.D announced the college will be shifting the start of the spring semester to a virtual setting.


Jobs that once required a few months of training and a menagerie of sturdy tools now often need workers who can operate a 3D printer or fix a robot.

KSFR's Dennis Carroll reports on a collaboration of businesses, schools and job training outfits that offer worker training in a variety of much-in-demand digital fields through the Santa Fe Community College.

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One hundred students at the Santa Fe Community College who also have children to raise will receive $400 to $500 dollars a month this fall to help them do just that. KSFR’s Dennis Carroll talks with Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber about the National Mayors Guaranteed Income program, its goal of lifting struggling Americans out of poverty, and how it will be put to use in Santa Fe.