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With the end of the COVID-19 pandemic just in sight, wedding vendors and planners alike are seeing a surge of couples  jumping at the chance to finally walk down the aisle. This comes after more than a year of social distancing, mask mandates, and limits on group sizes.

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New Mexico is now set to fully reopen in two weeks.


On Friday, New Mexico’s Governor announced that most of the public health restrictions for the state will be gone, effective July 1st. The state says it will continue an aggressive vaccination push. 

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Santa Fe Pride planners have spiced up their plans for the event this year–  It no longer will be just a bling-strewn drive around the Plaza. Rather, expect  reflections on accomplishments and unification for battles still to be fought in the LGBTQ+ community. KSFR’s Dennis Carroll reports.

Woof! Dogs Are Sniffing Out COVID-19 With 96% Accuracy

Jun 17, 2021
Pat Nolan / Univ. Penn. COVID-19 Study

A new study from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine reveals that dogs can sniff for COVID-19 in people with 96% accuracy.  How are the dogs trained?  Why are they such good detectives? What about real-world applications?  KSFR reporter Mary Lou Cooper talked with lead researcher Professor Cynthia Otto to find the answers.

ABQ's Sunport Is Ready For New Mexicans To Fly

Jun 11, 2021
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As New Mexico hits its 9-month low in COVID-19 virus cases, more people are deciding to take that long-awaited vacation– which means airports are bracing for a surge of fliers in the coming weeks. So, what's in store for New Mexicans as they head for the airport this summer?  KSFR reporter Mary Lou Cooper reports. 

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That buzz you may be hearing on Santa Fe's plaza and other places around town could well be the sound of tourism springing back to life.

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We all have heard about the most recent coronavirus guidelines released by the Centers for Disease Control– fully-vaccinated people are finally allowed to go mask-less indoors. Well, in most cases that is. But, it’s controversial and even politicized, for many reasons. Some are confused by the CDC’s seemingly wishy-washy stance on how to properly handle the pandemic. Others are unsure who or what to believe now-a-days. 

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With increased vaccination rates and a downward trend in COVID cases, many entertainment venues are reopening their doors. After a very challenging year. It was hard to watch favorite places fold and stages remain empty. But many musicians are ready to shine again.


Long Term and Aging Department Secretary Katrina Hotrum-Lopez offers a brief press conference announcing the mass dispersment of the first vaccine to fight the Covid-19 pandemic at long term care facilities, tune in to find out when it will be given and to whom.

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Aging and Long Term Services Department Planning and Policy Director Dolores Gonzalez sits down with Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza to talk about how the community came together to feed our seniors and where they can go to get help.

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Community Organizers and Youth Advocates from SWOP (Southwest Organizing Project), Pegasus Legal Services for Children, Youth First and Millions for Prisoners New Mexico join in a collective community conversation to bring attention to the often long-ignored problem of youth incarceration - many argue is a gateway and avenue for exploitation, modern day slavery,  systemic and historical trauma imposed on our most vulnerable for profit. They highlight their increased vulnerability in all areas especially during COVID-19.

Mindfulness Expert Bhanu Joy Harrison speaks about the brain science behind mindfulness and the importance of learning self regulation techniques during stressful times. Tune in to hear how it all works. Links and information are listed below to register for the webinar on this topic offered today at 1pm by the Early Childhood Education and Care Department.



Former Executive Director of Tewa Women United and San Ildefonso Pueblo Elder Kathy (Wan Povi) Sanchez shares ways to face COVID-19 with culture and resilience.

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Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza speaks with her nephew, Justen Mendoza (30 years old) who has come down with COVID-19 while living in New York.