City of Albuquerque

On Tuesday evening, members of the community gathered for the first of four scheduled community conversations surrounding the Albuquerque Indian School (AIS) Cemetery located at 4H park.


As COVID cases continue to climb in Bernalillo county, Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller along with public health and services officials held a COVID-19 update briefing Tuesday.


Albuquerque sets new annual record for homicides

Jan 3, 2022
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2021 was the deadliest year on record for the city Albuquerque, in terms of homicides.

The city shattered the prior annual record of homicides within city limits with 117 total. The previous record of 80 was set in 2019.


Keller sworn into second term as mayor of Albuquerque

Jan 3, 2022
City of Albuquerque

Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller, along with City Counselor Klarissa Pena and Counselor-Elects Louie Sanchez, Dan Lewis, Tammy Fiebelkorn, and Renee Grout took their oaths of office in a Inaugural ceremony closed to the public Saturday.

New Mexico's minimum wage set to increase in 2022

Dec 28, 2021

Starting in 2022, the minimum wage for New Mexico will increase by a dollar to $11.50 for hourly employees and $2.80 an hour for tipped employees.

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The City of Albuquerque announced in a press release Tuesday, that 14 new members will be joining the city’s Gun Violence Prevention and Intervention Task Force. 

Free Rides For Bus Riders In ABQ Beginning Jan. 1

Dec 21, 2021
City of Albuquerque Transit

Starting January 1st, passengers will be able to ride ABQ Ride, ART and the Sun Van in Albuquerque for free.





The University of New Mexico’s Athletics Department announced three new entry requirements for fans to attend future events at The Pit.

UNM grad union completes card count

Dec 18, 2021
UNM Grad Workers' Twitter Account

The University of New Mexico’s graduate student’s union effort took a huge step forward on Friday, after the State of New Mexico Public Employee Labor Relations Boards completed their union card count.  

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Legislators are drafting a plan to ease restrictions against retired police officers coming back to work in an effort to add more officers across New Mexico in the midst of a labor shortage.

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Programs of a different kind are sprouting all across New Mexico’s education system with one singular goal in mind– encouraging kids to get to class by walking or biking. 

But, as KSFR’s Bryce Dix reports, advocates, teachers, and parents are divided on how truly safe it is to let our kids bike the streets.

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In this week's update on the happenings of New Mexico's political world, Bryce Dix sat down with New Mexico Political Report's Andy Lyman to talk about an article by New Mexico In-Depth’s Bryan Metzger, pointing out that Albuquerque mayoral candidate Manny Gonzalez’s campaign is being run by known New Mexico Republican party members. Yeah. He’s a Democrat. Weird, right? 

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In this week's update on New Mexico's political world, Bryce Dix sat down with New Mexico Political Report's Andy Lyman to discuss the Senate leadership's decision to drop an ethics violation against Senator Jacob Candelaria, D-Albuquerque. Plus, the idea of ethics in the state legislature rolls over into a chat about how some of New Mexico's citizen lawmakers are making the jump into one of the newest recreational cannabis industries in the nation. 

ABQ's Sunport Is Ready For New Mexicans To Fly

Jun 11, 2021
Courtesy Photo | Albuquerque Sunport

As New Mexico hits its 9-month low in COVID-19 virus cases, more people are deciding to take that long-awaited vacation– which means airports are bracing for a surge of fliers in the coming weeks. So, what's in store for New Mexicans as they head for the airport this summer?  KSFR reporter Mary Lou Cooper reports. 

Katherine Conley for KSFR |

We all have heard about the most recent coronavirus guidelines released by the Centers for Disease Control– fully-vaccinated people are finally allowed to go mask-less indoors. Well, in most cases that is. But, it’s controversial and even politicized, for many reasons. Some are confused by the CDC’s seemingly wishy-washy stance on how to properly handle the pandemic. Others are unsure who or what to believe now-a-days.