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04/25/2024 with Julia Alvarez

Truly a personal honor to interview celebrated author and National Medal of Arts Recipient, Julia Alvarez, here with her new novel, The Cemetery of Untold Stories. Can a writer ever bury her characters? What happens when they climb out of their graves and come alive, surprising the local barrio residents and even the author herself. Like all her books, our conversation weaves, braids and fades any separation between reality and what we call magic. Julia’s answers to my questions about storytelling in fiction and about our daily lives is inspiring and necessary. Julia will be discussing her body of work and The Cemetery of Untold Stories with acclaimed novelist Manuel Munoz at 6:00 pm on Saturday, May 18th at the Santa Fe International Literary Festival at the Convention Center. More at juliaalvarez.com and http://www.sfinternationallitfest.org/