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05/25/2023 with J.C. Cervantes

An inspiring interview with multi-award-winning author J.C. Cervantes in Santa Fe with her latest book, The Enchanted Hacienda.

Known and loved for her novels for children and young adults, this time Jen takes grown-ups into a lush garden and farm in rural Mexico where flowers appear to have magical powers and the woman of the Estrada family have been charged through generations with tending the flowers and their magical properties. Listen closely during these 23 minutes to hear how the wisdom of the flowers encouraged and affirmed the transforming power of the women featured in The Enchanted Hacienda and ask yourself the question, “Am I okay with being good enough, or is there more?” Come and meet Jen at Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe at 6:00 pm Friday, May 26.

Visit www.jccervantes.com for more information.