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07/31/2023 with moderator Halley Faust

Today's panelists: David Markun and David Pollak

Today's topics:

1. The deadline for final contract negotiations is July 31. If no agreement is reached 340,000 UPS Teamster unionized employees may strike. What will be the implications for the US economy? Will Amazon, Walmart, and other high delivery users be able to find alternative methods to get goods to the average person? To retailers? Will the White House intervene?

2.  The Supreme Court struck down race-based affirmative action in universities.  Now 13 Republican state attorneys general have warned Fortune 100 companies that "Treating people differently because of the color of their skin, even for benign purposes, is unlawful and wrong" and that they should not discriminate on that basis for DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) purposes in hiring and promotion decisions.   Countering that warning, 21 Democratic AGs, including New Mexico’s Raul Torrez, countered that DEI can be used "to foster and support...racial inequities...In fact, businesses should double-down on diversity-focused programs because there is still much more work to be done.”  What's a corporate CEO to do?