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The Forum

The Forum

Mondays from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

email - forum@ksfr.org

Where locals discuss important issues of the day in a hard hitting but civilized manner.

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  • Today's panelists: David Markun and David PollakToday's topics:
  • Today's panelists: Steve Terrell, David Markun, and Kay CrouchTopics: Will Mr. Trump be the first President to serve while wearing an electronic tracking device? Will the American public ever find out what really has happened with the Bidens and why they get treated so deferentially by federal prosecutors? Will the economy improve enough between now and Election Day so that it catches up with the President’s rosy Bidenomics rhetoric or will James Carvill’s maxim (It’s the economy, stupid) take down a second Biden term? What will it take to make The Forum the most discussed political program in Santa Fe in the run-up to the 2024 national election?
  • Today's panelists: Denise Fort, Greg Baker, and Steve Terrell.Today's Topics: Should aging politicians be taking cognitive tests to ensure the public they're fit to perform? Affirmative Action rulings, free speech, and climate change.
  • Today's panelists: David Pollak, Paula Maynes, and Bill Saubert.Today's topics: Wagner attempted coup on Russia, Free speech, and Trump's indictment.
  • Today's panelists: David Pollak, Greg Baker, and Steve Terrell.Today's Topics: freedom, the debt ceiling, and the Iranian Nuclear Deal.
  • Today's panelists: Greg Crouch, Steve Terrell, and Denise Fort.
  • Today's panelists: Bill Saubert, Kay Croutch, & Paula Maynes
  • Todays panelists: Steve Terrell, Greg Baker, and Halley Faust
  • Today's Panelists: Steve Terrell, William Saubert, and Greg Baker.
  • Today's Panelists: Steve Terrell, Talitha Arnold, and Gregory Baker.