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Grief, Loss, Mortality & Living Well

Title: Grief, Loss, Mortality & Living Well

Yes, it’s possible to live well while holding our grief and sorrow for what’s been lost, and knowing that we are simply mortal beings.

And Martha Crawford is the perfect guest to share some big ideas and deeply personal experiences in this episode of Living From Happiness.

Martha earned a master’s degree in social work, followed by an advanced certificate in clinical social work from NYU. After working for 25 years in New York City, she relocated to Santa Fe just in time to hunker down when the pandemic took over the world.

In 2016, she was diagnosed with a unique, unstageable, unprognosable cancer that transformed and reshaped her vocational goals, capacities and priorities.

Martha now works as a mentor, teacher, writer, coach, psycho-spiritual director and as a group and workshop facilitator.

This fascinating conversation ranges from archetypal and depth psychologies (curious about the Mad King and Dangerous Buffoon?) to the collective stressors we’re all facing these days.

“Privilege is eroding.” “We’re living in the crack between worlds.” “Our problems are collective.” These are just a few of the provocative ideas from Martha Crawford.

It’s a big-brain conversation you don’t want to miss.

Martha Crawford’s website here: https://www.whatashrinkthinks.com/

Dr. Melanie Harth is a licensed psychotherapist in Santa Fe NM working with people who’ve lost their way. Her website here: https://thesantafetherapist.com/

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