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Food, Travel & Happiness

Cheryl Alters Jamison is the Queen of New Mexico food (at least, that’s what Melanie calls her)! Cheryl is a 4-time James Beard award winning cookbook author. She’s published 22 cookbooks, and sold over 2 million copies.

Not one to rest for very long, she’s also been voted Edible New Mexico’s Local Heroes Best Food Writer award twice, is the founder of the online Excited About Foods community, a Contributing Culinary Editor for New Mexico Magazine, culinary tourism consultant, and a radio host at Hutton Broadcasting, where she has a show about food called Heating It Up.

Finally, in her spare time she leads foodie tours to Europe and exotic places like Morocco.

Some of the convo topics include

food and travel and happiness,

the ways in which cultures and foods are connected,

the political and social power of food,

how to keep going when we’ve lost a loved one, and yep …

… chickens.

This show is full of stories, and laughter, and a lot of living that Cheryl shares with y’all.

Finally, you’ve got to listen to the 2nd half, when she shares a few names of in-the-news northern New Mexico places to eat (not all of them restaurants).

Cheryl Alters Jamison website, Excited About Food, here: https://excitedaboutfood.com/

Dr. Melanie Harth, the Santa Fe Therapist website, here: https://thesantafetherapist.com/

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