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Living From Happiness

Alternate Wednesdays 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Hosted by Dr. Melanie Harth

email: livingfromhappiness@ksfr.org

Living From Happiness is a bi-weekly talk show devoted to exploring the deeper meanings of happiness, health and well-being.

This popular program is hosted by psychotherapist Dr. Melanie Harth. Every first and third Wednesday of the month at 7:00PM Melanie exchanges provocative ideas with a wide variety of guests, ranging from community visionaries to national thought leaders. Each conversation is focused on fresh, new ideas to help you navigate these transformational times. Listen live, or the link below and enjoy at your leisure!

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  • Really! Melanie and guest Jon Baskin have a lot of fun talking about psychoanalysis in this episode.Things like what it is, why there are so many negative biases against it (at least on Melanie’s part), and what motivated Jon to become a candidate psychoanalyst-in-training at the Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute.Jon Baskin is already a seasoned psychotherapist. He’s a licensed clinical social worker, completing his bachelor’s degree in philosophy at UCLA along with a master’s degree in social welfare, also at UCLA.Over the course of his career, he’s worked with children with neurodevelopmental disabilities; military service members, veterans, and their families; first responders; education and mental health professionals; teenagers and young adults; and those experiencing crises related to severe psychological distress.Jon’s a warm, compassionate, engaging guest who’s articulate about a sometimes confusing psychotherapeutic modality.The prominent psychoanalytic therapist, Jonathan Shedler, shares this sort-of description about how it works:"Our patients recreate their problematic relationship patterns with us in the therapy relationship. Our unavoidable participation in these patterns provides a crucial window into their inner worlds.“Our unexpected participation in our patients’ problematic relational patterns necessarily stirs up difficult feelings for us. It is not a question of if we experience difficult feelings but of whether or not we can use them constructively, as a source of understanding.”Come along with Melanie as she learns more about psychoanalysis in this light-hearted (honest!) episode.Jon Baskin’s website here: https://www.baskinpsychotherapy.comDr. Melanie Harth’s website here: https://thesantafetherapist.comThe Santa Fe TherapistI’m Melanie, and I love helping people who are ready to work with a trauma therapist.In balancing the science of therapy with the art of healing, I’ll create an innovative program for you that sets you on a path of success from the very first session.My compassionate, creative approach weaves together my ability to hear below the surface of the words, advanced degrees, years of specialized training, professional experience, and my own healing around trauma.I use the latest neuroscience findings as I combine Western systems, Eastern wisdom, Earth-based practices, as well as creative, innovative ideas to help you process, heal and begin building your future.My hope for you is that you’ll feel safe every step of the way as you transform “I don’t feel safe” into “Yes, I’m safe and well and happy.”If you’d like a free, 15-minute phone consult, just send me an email: melanie@melanieharth.com.