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07/05/2024 with the Rising Star Stunt Team

'Daredevil: Scales of Justice' is a fan film featuring Rising Star Stunt Team. When a man accused of murder is released, a blind lawyer with hyper senses takes justice into his own hands. It is written by Nick Marcotte and directed by Phoenix Zito. Gary Choi and the Rising Star Stunt Team, including Daniel Moen and Phoenix Zito, coordinated and performed stunts.

Phoenix Sol Zito is a filmmaker, actor, cinematographer, and stunt man. He has an expansive body of work, including multiple award winning films, documentaries, and PSA's . Phoenix's work can be seen occasionally on television, on Netflix, and also at film festivals all around the world. Winner of the 'Best Cinematographer' award at the 'New York Cinematography Awards', among others.

Nick Marcotte Bio:
Nick Marcotte is a writer, producer and actor. He and his brother Trevor are the creative leads of Marcotte Brothers Films, and are currently working on their first feature: Sunset — a vampire film set in 1980s Albuquerque. Nick is grateful to return to acting with roles in short films Never and Daredevil: Scales of Justice.

Native to Colorado but living in Albuquerque, this mountain man in the desert is working his way up as an actor and a stunt performer. Good thing he can do both, standing at 6'7 he is the perfect bad guy to take down while still giving a top-notch performance!

Gary Choi of Rising Star Stunt Team, stunt coordinator and instructor. Known for feature films Bang Bang Betty, Coyote Cage, Butch Vs Sundanese, Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch and many more.