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04/26/2024 with Guest Host Jamie H. Jung & When Angels Fear Director & Cast

In this episode, Cinema Scope guest host and actor, writer and producer Jamie H. Jung is speaking with When Angels Fear director, writer and co-producer Peter DeAnello and the film's stars, Harper Frawley and Louie DeAnello.

The film also starsDan Lauria, of The Wonder Years fame (he played the father) and many other films and series.

When Angels Fear screens at the Santa Fe Film Festival this Saturday, April 27, 3:00-5:00 pm, at the El Paradiso.

About When Angels Fear, from IndyRed:Divine Light Catholic High School Preparatory Seminary has more than a few problems, and they’re far more troubling than whatever troublemaker Danny Nessmith (Louie DeAnello) is up to next. From issues that stem from its residential classmates to the impending potential foreclosure on the entire building imposed by the diocese, Divine Light is suffering in a whole variety of ways. Father Toomey (Dan Lauria) has his work cut out for him, to say the very least, and his job only seems to be getting more difficult by the day by the time a young kid named Joseph Florio (Harper Frawley) enrolls. ... When Angels Fear should definitely be considered in the same breath as the noteworthy coming-of-age films like Dead Poets SocietySleepers, and School Ties – this is ultimately really potent stuff, but also expertly infuses humor into the mix when necessary.

About Peter DeAnello, from The Film Critic:

It's likely fair to say that Peter DeAnello isn't quite a household name, though he's an incredibly familiar name for folks in the film industry with a long history both on and off stage and screen. He's shared the stage and screen and/or worked behind the camera with such familiar names as Kathy Bates, Art Carney, James Cagney, Bruno Kirby, Penny Marshall, Chris Cooper, Christian Slater, and a host of others including, of course, Dan Lauria. For over 30 years, DeAnello's Write to Act Workshop has nurtured many professional industry careers and also helps to serve as a foundation for When Angels Fear.