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12/08/2023 with Director and Producer Lesya Kalynska and Producer TJ Collins

Filmmakers at War: A Rising Fury Director and Producer Lesya Kalynska and Producer TJ Collins

In this episode, we’re speaking with director and producer Lesya Kalynska and producer TJ Collins about their documentary film A Rising Fury, which is receiving global attention for exposing Russia's hidden war techniques in Ukraine that have drastic, worldwide implications.


A Rising Fury was more than nine years in the making. Lesya and co-director Ruslan Batytskyi initially sought to make a film about peaceful revolution in Ukraine; but they ended up filming with troops along the frontlines in Eastern Ukraine, learning the secrets of Russia's divide-and-conquer tactics.


Lesya and TJ discuss must-know advice on gaining the trust of the community in documentary filmmaking and the importance of documentary characters understanding the story — despite history unfolding. They also discuss the key role that filmmakers are playing in telling the truth in war and dismantling the propaganda machines that serve as the lifeblood of dictatorships around the world.


The film had its world premiere at the Tribeca Festival 2022. Find out more at arisingfury.com.