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08/11/2023 with Brent Peterson

Local filmmaker Brent Peterson discusses his new, already viral fan film, Star Wars: Rendevous

In this episode, we're speaking with New Mexican filmmaker and Antigravity Films, LLC President Brent Peterson about his latest film, Star Wars: Rendezvous. The film is a fan film, and -- despite not premiering until August 18, 2023 -- has already gone viral. Brent discusses what it's like to make a fan film, why other filmmakers should consider making a fan film, and his advice for local filmmakers looking to elevate their careers.

Tickets to the premiere (which are free):https://www.nhccnm.org/event/antigravity-films-red-on-the-side-cinema-rendezvous/

Trailer and home for when the film is released after its August 18, 2023 premiere: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-2Kbpu96Ix2kfxUdeA-2CqHXIYIsuJ8L