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03/24/2023 Roboto Global

One of the World’s Leading Voice-Over Studios, Roboto Global, on Breaking into Voice-Over Work

In this episode, we’re speaking with team members from one of the world’s leading voice-over studios, Roboto Global. Founder and CEO Bartosz Lewandowski, Producer Ela Letkiewicz, and Audio Engineer Maciej Czarnecki are discussing how actors and others can get into voice-over work.

Roboto was founded by Bartosz in 2002, and the company works with a team of 200 people based around the world and 100 based in Warsaw. In just one eight-year span, they worked on more than 1,485 films and 460 television episodes for clients in the film and TV industry. And in one year alone, they’ll work on as many as 340-plus gaming projects. Gaming clients include Electronic Arts, Sega, and Riot Games just to name a few – and many of the games Roboto has worked on are blockbuster games.

Find out more about Roboto Global at roboto.global.