Programs A-Z

  • Folk and back porch pickin'...

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  • An enthusiastic exploration of music from all around the world, from a true World traveler.

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  • Glorious R & B from the '30s though the '50s.

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  • If like me you're a fan of Rock'n'Roll, Jazz, World, Classical and Standards sung by Sinatra, Anita O'Day, Tony Bennett and others we've got a show for you on KSFR - Bouncing with Bud! Tune in every Friday from 1-3pm with your host Bud Ryan.

  • Classical Sunday begins with a look at music being performed in Santa Fe and often includes interviews with the music makers.  The programming covers recordings from Gregorian chant to works being composed today, occasionally including...

  • A free form celebration of musical and oral traditions, embracing an uncommon mix of folk styles. Old folk remedies for a new world.

  • Kick off your weekend with an eclectic music mix from a rotating cast of KSFR DJs

  • Straight-ahead, bebop, classic and the latest discoveries. A vibrant jazz outreach.

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  • Every Friday morning dj Helga Ancona brings you music from all over the world, including jazz, classical and an hour of Brazilian music.

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  • Exploring the origins of American Jazz, it's sub genres across the decades and the globe, and the individuals who's jazz impressions will never die.

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  • "Klezocalypse Now!" is a wild ride through Klezmer music in all kinds of forms. The show features contributions made to Klezmer music from a diverse array of instrumentalists and vocalists who sing in Yiddish, Ladino, Hebrew, and more, old-time...

  • The Legion of Boom is a Santa-Fe based DJ collective focusing on underground dance genres such as House and Techno and all of the subgenres in these categories.  The Legion of Boom radio program is a weekly two-hour showcase dedicated to...

  • A sonic tapestry of deep, electronic sounds, purposefully woven to compel outward movement and inward journey. Start your weekend getting Lost in the Mix.

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  • Eclectic, cool, non-traditional, pushing-your-envelope music.

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  • World music, jazz, classical crossover etc; music from here and there and now and then; programmed to give you an easy but interesting accompaniment to your Wednesday morning.

  • Music with an edge. Political comment with a beat.


  • From Santa Fe's favorite local music maker, the place for Chicano and Santa Fe music.


  • On his radio show Oil Of Dog, Gary Storm creates relationships between different musical works, associating them by instrumentation, artist, history, genre, theme, ideology, subject matter, and any way that any pieces of music can possibly be...

  • Marina deBellagente La Palma shares her love of the deep and wide diversity of our beautiful planet: music from different eras, traditions and parts of the world. From classical Persian or Japanese to the griots of Africa, from folk musics of...

  • The Boss had a dream. The dream? An hour of music every week where music is not shackled by genre, taste, or the hope of palatability. DJ Theo and DJ Huge Problem bring you the Boss's Will every Thursday at 9PM. Rotating hosting...

  • It's reggae, mon!

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  • Latin music from around the globe.

  • Wednesday evening of Soul, R&B, Blues, Gospel, Rap and more.

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  • Sound reaches us across time and space. It travels from the moment the musician creates it to the ear and heart of the listener. The sounds of the world are available to us today in magical texture of possibilities. Sound can carry us away, it...

  • Blues. In their Sunday best hosted by Michael Handler and Kurt. 

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  • Free-form, weirdo radio.  To link to Steve's blog, CLICK HERE

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  • The Magpie has a sharp ear and swoops down to present you with a surprising array of brilliant musical objects collected from around the world. Free your ears! Your mind will follow…

  • A Classical Music Mix produced by host, Bill Cromwell, featuring arias, motets, symphonies, concertos, anthems, and one major work per hour. Come up to The Third Floor for a personal approach and the only program of its kind.

  • Opera as it's meant to be heard: uncut and unencumbered by affectation. Whether you're interested in the standard repertoire or seldom performed masterpieces or keeping up with what's happening at our own Santa Fe Opera, Tuesday Night at the...

  • Spinifex transports into the dimensions of sense, sound and mind. Welcome to a journey into the boundaries of imagination. Experience a groove-based exploration of the past, present and future of Electronica, Groove Jazz, Experimental Rock and...

  • A trip to the moon on gossimer wings.  A cheap holiday in other people's misery.  A one-way ticket to palookaville.

  • Up the Ladder to the Roof is a wide ranging show that begins in American jazz, R&B, soul, and blues and explores how these styles connect to disparate musical forms from around the world. How does jazz coming out of the 1970s Black...

  • Host Mary Oishi brings her lifelong passion for the blues to KSFR with Wang Dang Doodle, on Thursday afternoons from 1 to 3. She crafts her shows to take you on a themed journey, each showcasing a particular instrument, region, style, or...