The Garden Journal

Saturday's at 10:00 AM

The Garden Journal, broadcast live each Saturday from 10:00 to 10:30 am on KSFR
101.1, is a compendium of interviews, advice, and inspiration for home
gardeners throughout Santa Fe County. Hosts Christine Salem and Bob
Zimmerman bring a lively, entertaining, and interactive approach to the
challenge of gardening in our region. Each show features news, events, and
interviews with local gardening experts on a wide variety of seasonal
gardening topics. Each month show regular Jannine Cabossel, The Tomato
Lady at the Santa Fe Farmer's Market, joins Bob and Chris to discuss what
to do in the garden in the coming month. Listeners are invited to call in
with their own gardening questions as well. The Garden Journal is a
production of the Santa Fe Master Gardener Association, in cooperation
with NMSU.


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