Why "The Mask" Is An Issue For Some When It Comes To Harassment, Health Options and Personal Choice

May 27, 2020

Credit CNN.com

Health Practitioners and Community Activist Kathleen Dudley expresses the "other side"of the debate when it comes to wearing masks. In opposition to City Bill 2020-10 presented at tonight's city council meeting, which will legally mandate wearing masks citywide, she shares her concerns about what legally mandating masks may do not just to personal health but personal choice in health care options, harassment for those who can't wear them and personal rights and freedom. To weigh in on the issue, if you’d like to submit your own public comment.


The virtual city council meeting is happening tonight


Wednesday, May 27, 202005:00 PM–


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The Governing Body will take public comment for “Petitions from the Floor” in written form via email or by telephone message, through 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 27, 2020. Emails and phone messages must identify the submitting party’s name and address and may be sent to petitionsfromthefloor@santafenm.gov  or 505-955-6520. These comments will be distributed to the Governing Body for review prior to the meeting.